Friday, July 31, 2009

body swap - from both perspectives

This is a POV porno I grabbed these images from:

I always imagined one day when computers match the processing speed of the brain, and we are able to swap bodies digitally via trans humanism, that one day we'll be able to purchase temporary body swaps like we do hookers. The top will be the female dialogue, the bottom will be the male dialogue. Enjoy!

Hey there! So are you ready for the swap then?

You know it, let's do this, I'm so excited!

Whenever your ready, just say the magic words

I wish I were a woman

Woah.. this is amazing! I can't believe I'm staring down at my breasts

Believe it, it's very real. Now let's test this body out shall we?

OMG! I never realized how huge I was, I guess it's all relative now that I'm in this small petite body. I don't even know where to begin, I've had easier times eating a big mac.

Just start out small, start with the tip and go from there

Like this? I'm not sure I can go much further than this

It's ok baby, whatever you want to do, this is your fantasy.

I'm so turned on right now, I want you inside me. Give me my dick!

Sure thing baby, guide it right in, your doing great! (that reminds me, I need to get that bracelet checked out, I think one of the stones are loose)

Oh god this feels so good! This was so worth the price of admission!

Oh baby, your pumping me so good, don't stop! (I do still have a great ass, all those hours at the gym paid off)

Ooh, this way is even better, it slides in and out so much better!

Oh baby, your making me so hard, I'm about ready to explode! (do I see a chipped nail? I really need to make an appointment for a fill-in)

Let me just suck you some more and... OMG!

Ohhhh!!! too late baby, I'm going! uhhhhh!!!

Ok, like.. I totally didn't sign up for a bukake session. I so want a discount for this session, you got cum in my eye!

Sorry about that, sometimes I don't know what comes over me. Let me grab you a towel.

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