Saturday, March 12, 2011

suddenly femme

Ok so apparently, the famous "crossdresser" online clothing store (making female clothing specifically to fit men) has created a professional commercial that actually played on mainstream television (TBS).

It looks really professional, and if this is true then perhaps crossdressing has finally getting accepted as a norm.

Thought about actually ordering a dress from here. to see if it fits better. Problem is, if you actually look at what they are selling, most of it is super femme club dresses. You might as well hang a sign from your neck that says (LOOK AT ME, I DON'T LOOK LIKE ANY OTHER WOMAN IN THIS STORE). Also, half their merchandise seems to be out of stock. And as usual with every single store that caters to crossdresssers, EVERYTHING is super high priced (prepare to bend over)

I'll give you an example. These pair of shoes are selling for a discounted? price of $82:

Type in that model of shoe into google (PL-VANITY-442), and voila! The same shoe (going all the way up to size 16) can be had for only $34.

That's almost a 250% retail markup (and they're making more profit than that because the other store still has to make a profit).


  1. I bought some things from this store.

    Tha panties are wonderful.

    Even a tiny clitty bitch like me needs a tiny bit more fabric.

    Kisses Michelle

  2. Obviously the clothes are better fitting, but a shoe is a shoe. I don't tend to need room in the panties department (in fact, the tighter the better so I can tuck). Have you bought any clothes from them? Do they REALLY fit better? I do notice the arms in women's clothing tend to be too short.

  3. I bought a couple of skirts and skipmy dresses.

    Wanna see ?

    My favorite panties were a shinny kind of spandex....just like you said when I went back for more they were discontinued.

    They were nice and tight again like you said...a nice tuck.

    I haven't been able to find them anywhere.