Wednesday, June 15, 2011

one shot

I think it was adam carolla that said once on his podcast during one of his rants.. Everyone should get one bullet when they're born. They're allowed to shoot one asshole, and that's it. They get one chance to shoot someone. It would make people much more on edge and think twice before they do something stupid for fear of the consequences.

I thought today, what if you took that same concept, but it was everyone gets one chance to change the gender of another person. No explanation, no reason, every person born on this planet gets one chance to change another person's gender. Think about how much more open minded we would all be, and how sexism would be abolished?

Yea I used to be the CEO of this company.. Now I'm the secretary of the CEO ever since one of my co-workers couldn't take my attitude anymore and changed me into a chic. I refuse to give up my cigars though, even though they cost me like 1/2 my measly salary now.

Yea, your not so tough now are ya, ya bully! Or should I say sissy now, try to punch me now!

Give you all my money? How bout I give you all my gender-swap? There, how do you like wearing pink bank robber?

You know what officer James.. I don't think I really deserve this stupid 3mph above the limit speeding ticket.. In fact, I think I should call you officer Jamie

Hey, screw you judge! I'm innocent I tell you, his lawyer is lying. You know what, I'm using my get out of jail free card.. There, have fine living the rest of your life as a woman judge judy!

Why don't you blow me cocksucker! In fact, let's make that literally!

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