Wednesday, January 18, 2012

CEO to secretary

What the hell did you do to me? A spell? I'm really supposed to believe you changed me into a woman through magic? You want me to what? Take my jacket off and show you my boobs? No fucking way, I already feel vulnerable with clothes on. Your going to fire me?! I own this fucking company! You wouldn't! You'd throw me into the street? Fuck, I guess you got me there, not like anyone is going to believe this story. Fine, I'll show you my boobs.

There, you fucking happy? Here's my boobs, now can you change me back? Pull them out? God your a sick fuck. Fine, let me figure out how to take this bra off.

There, get a good view.. In fact, why don't you take a picture it'll last longer. Yo, up here. Are you listening to me?

Ya know, I don't have a bad body for a broad this age. I guess I'm sort of a MILF. Huh? What?!! You want me to do what? I am NOT sucking your dick!

Holy shit, your HUGE! What a minute, what am I saying? I'm a man, I shouldn't even be interested in this. Oh what the hell, let me at least touch it. Oh my god, it feels so good in my hand. Why am I salvating? I really am under your spell, I... I can't help myself.

Fine, you win. I'll suck your cock. Oh my god, it feels so good in my mouth, I can't wait to make you cum

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