Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Couple interesting P0rn links

I came across this one.  It shows what looks like a couple of lesbians in bed, but after one woman wakes up she finds out that the girl she had a one night stand is actually a shemale

The shemale is pretty cute, and her voice is flawlessly girly (most shemales don't work on their voice too much).  Makes me wonder if this has ever really happened in real life.  I guess it depends on how strong of a lesbian it was.  Some might be pretty open to the idea (girly appearance but still have a cock to satisfy them), some hate penis' so much it would probably get them pretty angry finding out after the fact.

I've also fantasized what it might be like if instead of a girl boy body swap, you simply had genital swap.  In other words, the guy trades his cock with a women's pussy, but the rest of them stays exactly the same.  Would they both freak out?  Would they embrace their inner kinkiness and both find out what sex was like as the other gender while the rest of their body remaining pretty much the same?  Well I decided to search for such a porn.  I know there's one porn actor who is basically a pre-op transmale that decided to keep his pussy, and also make a career out of porn.  Sure enough, he did a porn scene with a pre-op transexual and it's pretty hot!
"You might have noticed, I'm a chick with a dick"
"that aint nothin, I'm a dude with a pussy"

If men with vaginas intrigue you, check this one out:

*Update: A viewer has informed me the name of the cutie transexual in the first porn as Tiffany Starr.  Searching images, she IS pretty hot

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  1. A couple of very nice pulls, TG Capper!

    The 'Trans-Lesbian' goes by "Tiffany Starr" and swings every way possible. This is the first I've heard her voice, and yes, she's totally female in that regard... not to mention an utter cutie who could screw me silly if I had the right place for her she-cock to slip into!!!

    The couple are Buck Angel and Alannah Starr. While Alannah's vocal quality is less than womanly, it would be an absolutely fantastic experience to change genders 'from the middle outward', taking the time to enjoy the voyage from one to the other!!!