Tuesday, December 5, 2017

dad loses bet, gets real acrylic nails from a salon

Stumbled across this video.  I have split views on this.

On one hand I find it interesting how he reacts with them on.. He slides his glasses up on his head differently, he claims he can't drive with them because he can't feel the ends of his fingers, he says it was really hard to take a piss (I'm still trying to figure that one out).

On the other hand, I find it really deceitful that the wife/mother both lie to him saying that it's no big deal to get them off.  It's one thing to put on press-on nails.  Even gluing nails on at home usually isn't terrible because you aren't usually soaking the entire bed with adhesive.  At a nail salon, they are soaking them with glue and then also coating them with acrylic which creates a very strong and hard bond.  I don't want to spoil it, but at the very end you can see him cutting the false nails short with a clippers.  Of course even if he removes the polish, he will still be left with the fake nails on top which won't look natural.  About the only way to completely remove it is possibly with a very long soak in acetone, or he may have had to take a dremel and literally sand away the acrylic nail until he got back down to his own nails.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Milck - quiet

You heard this song a lot during the protests against trump and the pink hats.  The official video posted a few weeks ago which shows a dual story.  One with a girlfriend who is in a relationship with a boyfriend that forces her into sex against her will, and the other a transgender daughter who's accepted by her mother right away and thinks her father won't be accepting, but turns out he is.  Pretty moving video:

husband busted

Friday, November 17, 2017

Tom Lenk - female impersonation?

Someone on facebook posted this and I find it interesting.  So I never watched buffy, but apparently he likes recreating celebrity photos (male or female), and it's quoted as saying "using common things from around the house".  While this is mostly true, he sure has a lot of women's heels, makeup, and wigs.  Either he has a wife that cosplays a lot, or he's a closeted crossdresser.  Anyway, some of the recreations are pretty solid and detailed.

If I had a better body, I could totally see having fun doing this.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Nail gloves

So I saw this video the other day:

I thought "Hmm, that's kinda cool, instant nails!".  Then I searched for what I believe to be her website, some are a bit pricey, but they are certainly drag focused.  I mean all those individually glued beads has to be time consuming:

So then I thought, what if I want plain nails I can slip on to quickly crossdress?  Could I make my own?  I believe so... So if I order the seamless gloves on ebay (amazon is 3 times the price) on ebay:

I can easily slip those on my hands and glue whatever nails I want.  I do wonder (even as translucent as hosiery material can be) if they'll look strange up close.  I also think they'll likely not be very rigid making any task nearly impossible as they flop around.  I mean for drag shows I'm sure they're fine, how much are they really using their hands?