Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Monday, April 6, 2015

Gamer (2009) film

This is a movie that flew pretty low under the radar.  The trailers mostly made it look like a real life doom game, make the convict "fight for his life ALA running man" premise.  There is another side to this movie, in that it showed a world where there were people who wanted to be controlled by others (sub) and others that wanted to control those bodies (domme).  There's a pretty long (though interrupted by other plot lines) scene where a fat dude that sits in front of multiple monitors, picks out a female avatar he likes, and takes control of her body.  He begins by choosing a random dude to have sex with (not unlike 2nd life), and is interrupted by the gamer who mistakes him for the real girl he's controlling and is forced to help him.

Take a look at these two clips:

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Large Haldron Collider

Not sure how many are keeping up with the ole' LHC, but this week they are restarting it and putting more energy into it to now try to prove out multi-universe and create a mini black hole (no joke).

They want to prove out that theory that alternate universes exist on a separate frequencies with a small intentional experiment.  Without getting too religious, it goes back to the notion that god knows every outcome from every choice we make (yes we do have choice, there is no "gods plan").  So every time we make a choice, believe it or not, our universe skews off (think back to the future 2).
 So if that theory proves out, then that means every scenario exists in a different dimension.  There's a universe where we're rich, a universe where we're homeless.  There's a universe where perhaps we're an athlete, a universe where we're in a wheelchair our entire lives because of some birth defect.  With that notion, as many multi-verses where we're a man, there should be an equal amount of universes where the egg in our mother's womb decided to develop into a female.  Imagine if the LHC fires up, a black hole opens up, and one of the scientists sees himself as a female scientist working at the LHC in another universe?

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

new circle of friends

Ever since his sex change, Bob has realized how distant his guy friends have become.  It was only natural for him to make new female friends.  He meets them at a local club.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

eddie redmayne - danish girl

Just came across this piece of news today.  I don't know the actor or the transgender pioneer he's playing, but it's another transgender story played by a man.  I'm actually pretty impressed by the transformation and I'm not sure why?  Perhaps it's because he's so passable.  So many roles, they try to over feminize the character and they end up looking sleazy.  He really looks like a subtle woman from the 1920's.

google reversed decision to restrict "pornographic" content on blogger

I'm not sure what really made them change their mind, but it seems our sites are safe.  Perhaps they realized all the traffic they'd lose?  Perhaps they realized that blogs weren't just link farms to porn, but are really creative outlets (Has a google exec ever looked into what transgender fiction is?)  Anyway, as little as I blog, I do like the outlet and would be slightly devestated if I had to find a new place to post.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Oculus rift + leap motion = nail salon

Somehow stumbled upon this video.  Some guy in japan has taken oculus rift (VR headset) and leap motion (usb bar that tracks hand movements) and created a demo where you can not only change the color of your long nails, but change skin color and background environment.  Sort of a limited demo, but it certainly shows the capabilities that technology is bringing us.  Won't be long until you're staring into a virtual mirror and seeing yourself as any woman you want.