Thursday, February 7, 2019

Tropic thunder - fake trailers (the fatties)

I don't know how I missed this.. pretty sure I rented this movie, must have missed this special feature.  Anyway, Jack black does a parody of the klumps, and he's dressed as a teenager, middle aged, and grandmother (and pretty convincing too)

Monday, November 19, 2018

drag tv weekend

First it started out with SNL doing a faux commercial for a drag queen GPS:

Then I watch the simpsons, and marge gets help to sell tupperware from her hairdresser, and all his guests assume she's a drag queen which helps sell more product.  Homer ends up dressing in drag to win back marge.  Beyond the fact that ru paul joined to do the voice of the main drag queen, they showed an interesting statistic that drag queens sell more tupperware than anyone (posting 4 links on the screen).  It warms my heart to see drag fill up mainstream television more and more.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Non-coding DNA changes genitals in male mice from testes to ovaries

I've talked about CRISPR before.. new technique for gene editing.  Many talk about how even if you were able to change your genes (or chromosomes), it may flip hormones but you would still have the same genitals (still would be a great medical breakthrough).  Article I just found talks about Enh13 (Enhancer 13) where they were able to take male born mice, and by eliminating a non-gene section of DNA make the male mice grow ovaries.  Granted that doesn't mean penises turned into vaginas, but it's a step.  Also note, this is a non-gene change which if I'm reading that right should mean it shouldn't have side effects that altering genes can bring.  I'm also assuming this is permanent, unless they have a technique like with that latest CRISPR techniques where they can apply a temporary 6-month change to test out their edit for side effects before making it permanent.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Youtubable - No more girl pranks :-(

So in his latest video he talks about how he's been away from youtube and concentrating on his twitch account where he livestreams playing games like fortnite (but he wants to get back to earning from youtube).

He also says he's a different person now and doesn't want to do the girl pranks (even though he just posted a week ago a picture of himself dressed up as a girl for halloween and asked fans to vote for best youtuber halloween costume).  Doesn't really say we he doesn't want to do it anymore, maybe his new girlfriend doesn't support it?  Who knows.  All I know is that he has one of the best sounding girl voices for someone that doesn't regularly talk in that octave (since he lives as a male).  Really going to miss his videos.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Quick change magic act - Why are there no MTF?

If you've ever watched America's talent, I'm sure you've seen the quick change act.  Woman steps into a hoop, and in seconds she's wearing a completely different outfit.  There is no real "magic", in fact there's a website that sells both complete outfits and the "clumsy loops" to convert any clothing into quick change:

So I started googling to see if there's been any acts where the man suddenly wears a dress.  This is the closest thing I could find (but it isn't quick change, it's swapping people)

So finally I came across a page that said quick change actually goes back hundreds of years (not in form we know now), and it wasn't until around the 60's where russia started bringing it back.  Anyway, back in the 30's they coined a term "Fregoli" which means to change character + sex, and sure enough when you search on youtube you find an old video where a man quickly changes clothing (but in plain view), and in one instance hides a dress underneath his male clothing:

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

pornhub - gender transformation part 2

So found a few new ones on the site.. This one is an edited mix of a bunch of various scenes from clips4sale.  My favorite out of the bunch (skip to 13:14).  She's not terribly attractive, but I do like the concept of "waking up as a girl", and I especially like that they are really zoomed in on her, and how after feeling her hair, she covers her mouth after hearing her female voice.  Then she looks at her manicured nails (which look so shiny), even flicking them in the air to see if they're real.  Finally, she shoves the blankets down to reveal her boobs, which she squeezes to see if they're real.

Monday, September 10, 2018

pornhub - gender transformation

So I noticed quite a few videos from clips4sale have been uploaded.  One in particular I've been sorta interested in was this one:

I'd like to comment on why this is a not so great video..
1. While they did keep their clothes, the difference between their male selves and female selves are not believable.  I mean the dude on the right a little more so (the hair color change is possible if the body could change), but the girl on the left has so many flaws.  Even if your hair grew out, a ponytail isn't going to suddenly tie your hair back.  Makeup isn't suddenly going to appear on your face, and your nails aren't going to be suddenly painted purple.

2. The "I didn't know I was a female until you pointed it out" cliche'.  I mean seriously, I know we can be groggy when we first wake up, but I guarantee you would feel how different your body felt (penis missing, weight of your boobs, longer hair, voice sounds different).  Seriously watch this, they are both wide awake and both of them think they are dudes that just woke up with a strange girl in their bed.
3. The blonde fell asleep on the couch, yet he wakes up in the bed?  Talk about continuity issues
4. The "We could like, sell our bodies" comment was odd.  If they were so freaked out at being girls, why would she even be thinking that?

With all those negatives, I will admit the part where they learn to masterbate as girls was pretty well done, and perhaps saves this video.