Saturday, February 11, 2017

Legion Tv series on FX (x-men body swap)??

So I'm catching up with shows, and an ad for a new show comes on.  It's called Legion, and it was a really short ad that basically showed a body swap (and this is the super power).  Whaaaat?

"Rachel Keller as Sydney "Syd" Barrett: A "self-sufficient and street smart" young woman who "still believes in happily ever after", who becomes Haller's "girlfriend".[2][3]Hawley explained, "If she touches your skin she trades places with you, her mind goes into your body and the other way around."[4] Because of her abilities, the character is portrayed as "withdrawn", the opposite of Keller's breakout performance in the second season of Hawley's Fargo.[8] The character is named after Roger "Syd" Barrett of the rock band Pink Floyd, whose music was an important influence on the series for Hawley"

Here's the short preview showing the swap:

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Colin Mochrie has a transgender daughter

You know him from Who's line is it anyway.  Had no idea he had a trans daughter.. it came up in news because of course she got teased on twitter, and her father fired back and supported her.  I have way more respect for him now.

Thursday, January 12, 2017


sexual body swap

WTF? why did we just switch bodies?  OMG, why are you humping?  I'm in your old body dude!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Don't fuck me dude!

Dude seriously get your cock out of my pussy.  I'm serious, if you cum inside me I'll be stuck a chick for the next 9 months until I deliver the baby, that's how magic works.  Stop humping me, dude you're gonna cum!  Nooooo!!!

phone video call

Brad: No way you're Steve
Steve: I am, I woke up like this
Brad: Proove it, let's see your boobs
Steve: How is that going to proove anything?
Brad: Because Steve would
Steve: Fine, happy now?  Why is the phone shaking around all of the sudden?  Are you doing a screengrab?  Dude seriously?  I've got a real problem here!
Brad: Which is?
Steve: Uhh, how about I have no identity or a job
Brad: You're hot, you could be a porno star
Steve: Yea, cuz that's what I want to do for a living, suck cocks everyday!  Can you be serious for once?
Brad: I'd give you fifty bucks to fuck you
Steve: Goodbye!

I'm so small now