Friday, September 25, 2009

When can we get an iphone app like this?

Now that augmented reality is a go for apple, so many apps have been coming out to support this new feature. I was browsing the itunes store, and came across this. It wasn't clear what it did or how it worked, but it seemed to allow you to perhaps make people look different as an overlay? I couldn't find any reviews on youtube, so I figured what the heck, it was only $2.

As usual, my friend just laughed at me, saying that I spent too much money on iphone apps.

"Ha ha! What did that stupid app cost ya? Another $2 down the drain I'm sure, what does that stupid little app do anyhow?"

After I clicked on the gender button on the bottom and female clothes, I saw the phone do it's work. But wait a minute, I wasn't looking at my phone. My friend had changed for real!

"ha ha.. wait a minute? What the hell? that stupid thing really works. OMG, this feels so weird, change me back!"

"Heh heh, but I thought it was just a stupid little app that I waste my money on? Not so stupid anymore is it? I think I'll make some more changes, like make your chest even bigger!"

"OMG, stop! These things are getting so heavy!"

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Yes.. there's an app for that

The transgender iphone app, available now in the itunes store

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

suicide is for pussies

He had gotten to the end of his rope, he had lost hope. Life just wasn't worth living anymore, so he took the plunge and killed himself by jumping out of his office window, 30 floors up.

Since he wasn't a very religious person, he had no idea of his fate. Anyone that commits a major sin goes to hell, especially those that take their own life. He was soon confronted with flames and brimstone, so hot he could hardly stand it, putting his hand in front of his face.

He was soon confronted by a demon figure, who said "Ahh my young ignorant soul, didn't anyone tell you that suicide is the pussy way out?" The man was confused by these words. "Pussy way out?", he asked. "Yes, suicide is for people who aren't strong enough to deal with the real world, and take the easy way out. Unfortunately for you, that means paying for your sin, a sin worse than murder. I see only one punishment fitting for a pussy, which is to make you a pussy!". And with that, the man's body was transformed in an instant.
I guess things could be worse, I could have been a scaredy cat.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Friday, September 11, 2009

Warning.. this is porn

So I was browsing a porn site, and I came across this:

I found it interesting, perhaps even erotic. Now this guy is really hairy (ick), and I never understood wearing the mask like some mexican wrestler thing.. However, I'm sort of wondering why I never thought of trying this? I mean, I'm reluctant to dress up and be with a guy (it's a fantasy, not sure it would translate to the real world), but this.. I mean, it's my own cock.

Now before you click, it's not self suck, it's lying on your back real far, with your legs almost touching your shoulders, so that your cock is right above you. Then, you ejaculate (bukake style) on your face. It's almost like being a degraded woman in a way.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

another sony augmented reality demo

They're starting to make progress. I really dig augmented reality, I think we're right on the forefront of some amazing programs. I want a female anime avatar head!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

parallel universe

Remember the show "Sliders"? If you don't, go watch it on youtube. The premise of the show was that there are millions of parallel universes, all created by chance (think string theory). The theory states that for every decision you make in life creates a new universe. In other words, let's say you turn down a job opportunity, and you take a different offer. In a parallel universe, you took that offer and continued to live your life in that job, and because you worked there, you made certain choices based on that original decison, and so on.

Well it doesn't necessarily apply to just choices you make, but everyone's choice (which sort of explains the very confusing bible where you have free, choice, but it's already been decided for you). Yes, every possible choice and outcome has already sort of been played out, but only to create the possible paths, and they're transparent so that you dont' see them (and so it looks like actual choices). Well this can be any sort of choice, even by nature. So if you go by this theory, for as many possible choices you have as yourself (a boy, grows up, yada yada), there should be an equal (or perhaps more) number of universes where nature decided to chose to keep you as female (testosterone didn't kick in, you didn't develop male chromosomes, and your born as a girl). This isn't a hard concept to grasp, and it's absolutely possible that this parallel world exists as we speak if you buy into the string theory. That's right, there are scenarios where you weren't born a boy, but a girl. In another world, right now as your reading this, there is a female version of you, living out your life, and possibly thinking what her male version would be like in a parallel universe.

if you've ever watched this animation explaining the 10th dimension:

You can see how it goes into time travel, and by going back in time and making changes, you in effect (much like back to the future movie) that you skew your timeline and jump into an alternate universe. If you go beyond the 4th dimension (time), rather than having to travel back in time to make those changes, You initiate that change without the work. In other words, you have control over what parallel universe you exist in. So imagine if you will, as you sit there, if it were possible to swap your bodies with your female parallel self, how would it feel to instantly be the woman you could have grown up to be, and how would she react in your body?

value of men vs women

It's interesting who, and what gender each culture/animal we value. This graphic video (seriously, warning, graphic) shows, the female gender is valued for it's birthing ability (male chicks are grinded alive)

And then you have the flipside in the japanese culture, women are regarded as lower than men (because there is a limit on children you can have, and men can carry on the family name while girls can't), and some of which are abandoned for that very reason

So that leads me into what us as transgender autogynaphiliacs see as desirable in women? If men are stereotypically regarded as the stronger, more in control gender, what could we possibly see in obsessing with the female species?

Well, some don't see women as the weaker sex. In fact if you look at sex, men can hardly give their penises away, but women can easily charge for sex. Look at the porn industry, women typically can make nearly $1k for a day's work (and don't really have to perform sexually, just act and look pretty). Men on the other hand are lucky if they make a couple hundred bucks, and nothing like a bunch of hot lights and cameras pointed at you to make it difficult to not only get hard, but stay hard, and abstain from premature ejaculation (and cumming hard for the money shot). Lots of hookers in any major city, where are all the men street walkers? Ever been on craigslist, there's about a 50:1 ratio of men to women, you have to wonder how there's such a shortage of women if statistically there are more women in the world than men.

So do we desire the vanity of beauty, do we desire to be admired (and not necessarily sex, it can be quite nice to get compliments on being pretty from an online photo of your femme self). Do we simply enjoy the feeling of the clothes? Are we subliminally channeling pornos we snuck watching as a kid and trying to live out those fantasies (us as the lead role)? If you've ever browsed photos of transgender folk on any forum (message boards, flickr, etc), there's no shortage of crossdressers wearing french maid outfits, lingerie, etc.

Friday, September 4, 2009

magical mustang

He picked up the hitchhiker, little did he know what kind of ride he was going on. When he got to his destination, he was suddenly a different person. He hadn't noticed at first, it was like as if he was under some sort of spell. By the time he closed the door and the mustang drove away, suddenly it hit him, he was a woman.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


"At the count of 3, you will awake. When you wake up, you will think you are a buxom blonde woman. You will feel like a woman, you will talk like a woman, you will act like a woman, you will see yourself as a woman.. Ready? 1.... 2.... 3!"

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

head doctor

"So tell me again why you feel like your a man trapped in a woman's body?"
"Ugh.. for the last time, I am a man.. trapped in a woman's body. I was a guy just yesterday, and then someone gave me a bad drink at the bar, and I woke up like this. I'm literally a man trapped in a woman's body!"

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

guys hanging out.. with a medallion

"What exactly did you guys do to me? Why do I look like the housewife next door? More to the point, HOW did you make me look like the girl next door?"
"Don't worry Sean, we're just having a little fun, just the guys hanging out, smooch!"

"Look, I'm a guy.. I know exactly what your thinking in that little head of yours, and the other little head. There's nothing you can do to make me want to have sex with you"
"Oh I bet I can convince you otherwise"

"Ooh! I.. have to admit, this does feel sort of good. In fact, a little too good. Ok stop, these feelings I'm having are just so wrong!"
"Not yet baby, I'm just gettin started!"

"Eww! I can't believe I let you cum on my tits. This is so gross, get me a towel immediately!"
"Ahhh, that felt so good, we gotta do this every weekend!"

dirty work

I hate when my wife gets busy with her business. She has such little time, she makes me trade bodies with her so I can get ready for her.