Friday, December 20, 2013

3d printed shoes - got me thinking

So I've posted about this before, 3d printing allows you to create shoes that will likely never exist.  Too much cost, perhaps impossible to manufacture.  That fills an interesting niche, fashion designers that want crazy heels (or lady gaga) can now have what they want by paying some artist to model it up.

Then I got to thinking that this could fill another niche, a choice of styles for crossdressers with large feet.  Seriously, I don't know how many of my followers have above a size 12 female foot (even worse if it's above 14), but the selection absolutely sucks.  Your choice is pretty much whatever "pleaser" sells, which means hooker heels.  So as long as you're okay with 5" stilletto or platforms in white, black or red then there's no issue.

So how does 3d printing help us?  Well the reason why the manufacturers won't make more styles is because they think we are a small portion of the market.  Why should they make more styles if there aren't enough buyers?

I'm actually an engineer by trade, so I do 3d modeling and I could totally see myself modeling up a pair of heels (at home of course).  I would want a starting point so I'd have to scan my foot first, and then build a shoe around that.  Of course the one issue with 3d printing is usually you can only print plastic or rubber, but not both (unless you figure out a way to join the two).  There are some newer printers that will print dual material, but I've yet to see any of the 3d printing websites offer this service just yet.

If you'll notice on most of the 3d printing heels that are worn, they are either all rubber, or they have an open back.  One idea I had was to create strappy heels.  Just print the base, but include some sort of mechanical feature on them to attach fabric straps to

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

celebrity celebration - claudia christian

Name might not be familiar... Unless of course you were a babylon5 fan:

I know her more from a cheesy movie from the 80's called "the hidden". It's a movie about an alien that plants himself into a human body, and he takes and takes, and when his body gets too damaged (usually from the police trying to stop him), he leaves his host body and enters another.  At one point in the movie he realizes the body he's in has a bad heart, so while in a strip club he steals one of the stripper's bodies (oh don't we all wish we could do that).  Anyway, after he casually leaves the strip joint in his new body (dressed very scantily of course), he takes a pause to check out his new body a little bit closer.  He stares at his chest, and squeezes a little, and realizes he has quite the assets (which comes to his advantage initially when he's yet again pulled over by the police).

 If you'd like to watch the sequence, go here:

The entire movie is in that same link if you care to watch it.

photoshop vs reality

Thought this was an interesting post on gizmodo.  An artist is showing how photoshop alters our perception of the world.  Here's the posted photo:
South park recently did an episode talking about photoshop as well:

Thursday, December 5, 2013

oculus rift - new demos

This body scan demo is pretty amazing.  Granted they aren't moving around (it's more like real dolls posed), but still incredibly real:

3D-Heaven01 from Lee Perry-Smith on Vimeo.

This one shows the potential of an interactive girlfriend:

XStoryPlayer Oculus Rift Demo #2 from on Vimeo.

XStoryPlayer Oculus Rift Demo #1 from on Vimeo.

Even as simplistic as this one is, I can see a single guy coming home and going into his virtual house with a beautiful woman showering in the background, beautiful sunset background with giant windows and a skylight in the ceiling

3d printed heels

Love this article (mostly because I do 3d work).  However, if you really look at even standard heels, there are a lot of complicated curved surfaces (as our feet are).  Someone has taken it to the next level and created what seems like impossible structures and made them real.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Have you cleared your cache?

Love this skit from key & peele

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Couple interesting P0rn links

I came across this one.  It shows what looks like a couple of lesbians in bed, but after one woman wakes up she finds out that the girl she had a one night stand is actually a shemale

The shemale is pretty cute, and her voice is flawlessly girly (most shemales don't work on their voice too much).  Makes me wonder if this has ever really happened in real life.  I guess it depends on how strong of a lesbian it was.  Some might be pretty open to the idea (girly appearance but still have a cock to satisfy them), some hate penis' so much it would probably get them pretty angry finding out after the fact.

I've also fantasized what it might be like if instead of a girl boy body swap, you simply had genital swap.  In other words, the guy trades his cock with a women's pussy, but the rest of them stays exactly the same.  Would they both freak out?  Would they embrace their inner kinkiness and both find out what sex was like as the other gender while the rest of their body remaining pretty much the same?  Well I decided to search for such a porn.  I know there's one porn actor who is basically a pre-op transmale that decided to keep his pussy, and also make a career out of porn.  Sure enough, he did a porn scene with a pre-op transexual and it's pretty hot!
"You might have noticed, I'm a chick with a dick"
"that aint nothin, I'm a dude with a pussy"

If men with vaginas intrigue you, check this one out:

*Update: A viewer has informed me the name of the cutie transexual in the first porn as Tiffany Starr.  Searching images, she IS pretty hot

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Anyone got hypnosis to work? Am I too intelligent for it?

Seems like no matter how many times I try it, I always fail.  I've tried hypnosis literally dozens of times.  If anything does happen that the script is directing me to do or feel, I know I'm just playing along to see if something automatic happens, but it never does.  Tried a 3 part series this morning (intro relaxation, deep trance, and then a "male to female" transformation.  The entire thing took an hour to get through, and while the trance part of it was pretty good (certain parts were pretty strong where my body shuttered a bit), it didn't feel like anything really happened.  I always get bored and start thinking about something when I know your mind has to be blank to work, or I end up slightly falling asleep (and this was after I woke up so I know I wasn't tired).  In fact I remember the youtube video ending, and then an advertising coming up, which is the only thing that woke me up.  I don't know if I'm just the personality type that isn't easily hypnotised or what.

Anyone out there ever had any luck with hypnosis?

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Which celebrities crossdressed this year?

Looks like Matt Laur decided to go as pamela anderson:

Not a bad job, but compared to some of the costumes on other talk shows today I would have thought they could have done a little better.  I mean they didn't blend the bodysuit at all (or bother to trim it, so he ended up with a line just below his neck), and they certainly didn't blend his boobs, it looks like they literally just glued breast inserts on top of the bodysuit with hot glue.  They could have also made him wear a corset to pull in the waist and maybe padded his hips a little with some foam since he was already wearing a bodysuit, and maybe made the makeup more pronounced.  If they had perhaps he could have looked more like this:
Of course maybe that's not what they were going for (passable), maybe it was meant to be a little amateur.  I mean even as it was, it didn't seem like there was much reaction from the crowd because perhaps they didn't realize who was who?

Then there's cindy crawford, she did an incredible job disguising herself as Slash from guns n roses

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

GTA - online play

So I eventually decided to join the online portion of the game.  One nice thing about it, it let's you customize your character (including gender), go clothes shopping, even customize your car.. So of course I had to play around:
I will say, no matter who you are, there are people in the game who just want to do nothing but deathmatch.  I even had some fun stealing some guy's car who was doing a convenience store robbery mission.  I left him my crappy teal hyundai, and parked a few hundred feet down the road.  I laughed when I saw him come out of the store and realize someone took his car, and he had to take mine.  I sort of wish I had the purple car with pink wheels in the above pic, that would humiliate him a bit.  It was odd to spawn after you die, and you're placed randomly in the city with no vehicle, and you have no choice but to start running to find safety as your heels click on the asphalt.  I did feel a bit vulnerable walking in the middle of nowhere knowing there were a bunch of online players waiting to kill me.  It might only be a game, but the realistic graphics sort of draw you in, especially after you've been playing for an hour.

Wren Adams

So apparently she does a lot of body swap / gender videos (not just stuff for Rfdjames).  Check out her channel:

Found this video on another channel, it's pretty hot:

elvira drag

This is something I've always wanted to do.  Really the only time I crossdressed for halloween was about 12 years ago when I went as a nurse and my wife went as a doctor.  Oh yea, role reversal felt pretty good.

Anyway, I've never really watched any of elvira's movies.  I do think she still looks good for her age (She's currently 62).

Never been a huge horror fan (I liked the freddy series just because it was comedic and they did a pretty good job on the special effects).  Never really watched the Munsters (brother liked it), never watched an addams family all the way through.  I did really like Son of Svengoolie (unless you grew up in Chicago or had access to WFLD 32 which is now known as Fox, you probably don't know who this is).  It was a local horror guy that would play cheesy black and white movies while talking from a vertical casket.  Later on he started hosting afternoons as "the KOZ zone" because his real name was Richard Koz.  The running joke was making fun of Berwyn (a crappy chicago suburb).

Anyway I'm getting off on a tangent.  This morning I read a retweet from Elvira where someone had tweeted her a photo of himself dressed as elvira.  I gotta say, he pulls it off rather nice (other than having a big nose, as do I).  He has really big eyes and pouty lips (as do I).  It was done so well I actually had to photoshop his male avatar to see if it was legit.

I like that he REALLY went all out and did the blue contacts.  Let's just hope those are prescription and not some cheap $20 contacts that will ruin his eyes.

Monday, October 28, 2013

wow! what a dream!

So the dream started out like this.  I'm chosen to go to a space station, I can only assume some sort of prize package vacation.  I have no idea what year it is, but clearly it's in the future because we're still far from the public going into space.  I'm really nervous because even though our track record with space shuttles are pretty good odds, rockets are still dangerous missiles in the end.  So we start to take off, and I can start to see outer space through the window.  I can begin to feel the weightlessness from the orbiting.

As I get closer to the window, I start to record video because I know my wife will want to see it.  I can see where we're headed, which is a giant space station floating above earth.

After we dock I start exploring the SS which is really roomy. There's lots of bedrooms and labs, but there are full size arcade games scattered everywhere in perfect mint condition. As I'm walking I can tell somehow I changed gender and I'm wearing the typical skin tight Star Trek attire, and I feel really horny as my clit rubs against the suit.

I continue to explore and find that they have an artificial biodome with an artificial sky.

I catch a glimpse of my reflection in one of the arcade games and I can see that I'm also Asian. But not any Asian, my face is anime cartoon.

I was actually smiling when I woke up.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Bruce Jenner's plastic surgery makes him look like an old woman.. more truth to that?

Seems ever since the divorce, it has come out that he likes to crossdress.  Can't say I"m completely surprised, but I think it's crappy that his wife is blackmailing him over it.

Friday, October 18, 2013

shemales ranking higher in porn lately?

So the go-to website for me is usually xhamster.  Tons of videos, easily searchable, reasonable quality.  They also have a top 50 based on thumbs up from viewers.  I find it interesting that out of 50 videos, 6 of those involve shemales.  What does that say about our society? Are transgendered becoming more the norm?  Are guys just getting kinkier?
Because the top 50 changes daily, here's the links to all those above videos:

Thursday, October 17, 2013

The great shift - I'm a model

Oh hell yea, I just swapped with kate upton! These boobs feel aweseome!

I love being a model, just look at those globes bounce up and down, and everyone has their eyes on me.  It's about time people paid attention to me