Wednesday, October 30, 2013

elvira drag

This is something I've always wanted to do.  Really the only time I crossdressed for halloween was about 12 years ago when I went as a nurse and my wife went as a doctor.  Oh yea, role reversal felt pretty good.

Anyway, I've never really watched any of elvira's movies.  I do think she still looks good for her age (She's currently 62).

Never been a huge horror fan (I liked the freddy series just because it was comedic and they did a pretty good job on the special effects).  Never really watched the Munsters (brother liked it), never watched an addams family all the way through.  I did really like Son of Svengoolie (unless you grew up in Chicago or had access to WFLD 32 which is now known as Fox, you probably don't know who this is).  It was a local horror guy that would play cheesy black and white movies while talking from a vertical casket.  Later on he started hosting afternoons as "the KOZ zone" because his real name was Richard Koz.  The running joke was making fun of Berwyn (a crappy chicago suburb).

Anyway I'm getting off on a tangent.  This morning I read a retweet from Elvira where someone had tweeted her a photo of himself dressed as elvira.  I gotta say, he pulls it off rather nice (other than having a big nose, as do I).  He has really big eyes and pouty lips (as do I).  It was done so well I actually had to photoshop his male avatar to see if it was legit.

I like that he REALLY went all out and did the blue contacts.  Let's just hope those are prescription and not some cheap $20 contacts that will ruin his eyes.

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