Monday, October 14, 2013

GTA V makes fun of Transgendered - Now that I've played

Ok so I've rented the game.  I did a few missions.  Then I decided to go seek out the crossdressers, which basically involves simply driving to the cockatoo club at dark (they line up in front).  Now keep in mind, in this version of the game (as they do with every revision) they've changed the AI.  You don't even have to punch people to get them mad at you.  If you simply walk up to them and invade their personal space, they'll likely get angry and starting hitting you, this includes firemen.  So the fact that crossdressers are picking a fight isn't surprising because there's not a whole lot of variation in personalities.  As far as them making them men in dresses, it's really hard to see detail in this game (and I have a decent sized LCD flatscreen).  Hell, in the mission where you have to rescue your son off a stolen boat, you have to shoot the thieves while driving, and the aiming cursor for the gun is like a 3 pixel white dot you can't hardly see at all.  Seriously, even as realistic as it is, it's hard to see detail unless you get really close so I'm sure they did this on purpose to make it obvious.

As far as the jokes go, they don't single anyone out.  The black character says nigga about every 4th word, the mobster guy lives in a typical italian decorated home, the guy that cheats on your wife is a tennis instructor (like every 80's movie stereotyped).  I'm just not sure I can get fired up just because the jokes happen to apply to my world, they poke fun at everything.

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