Tuesday, April 26, 2011

the mcdonald's viscious beating

Unless you've been hiding under a rock, no doubt you've heard this story. Two black female teenagers thought another woman in the bathroom were trying to pickup on their boyfriend because she said "hi". It was a 22-year old transgender woman, and the two teens were 18 and 14. If you've seen the video, not only do you see these two woman brutally beat her, but put her into a seizure. also instead of the employees calling 911 immediately, they decide to film it on their cellphones and laugh.

If there's anything positive to say about this story, it's that the cellphone footage was used to catch both teens, and both are facing serious charges:

I really don't want to go off on a racist, or stereotype rant here (and maybe it has nothing to do with color, maybe it's an inner city thing), but everytime I see a brutal beating, it's a certain group of people. I HAVE to preface by saying I have many black friends, and I know that's what every racist rant starts with, but I'm being honest. I truly judge people on their character, not they're skin color. I don't give a dam what you look like, but if you act a certain way, I will chose to not like you.

This story in chicago of two gangs that form a mob, and rather than just fight and get their anger out, one boy decided to stomp on the head of one of the boys while he's out cold (and ends up killing him. he's now in prison for 32 years):

Another video showing teens acting like absolute animals inside a Denny's:

I'll get off my soapbox for now.

Monday, April 25, 2011

weird al as lady gaga

So there was a big controversy.. Weird al went through all the trouble of writing a lady gaga parody (based on the song "born this way"). Then (through her manager), they required him to actually perform the song before approval, then STILL got rejected. Worst part is that Al was going to donate all proceeds to help LGBT.

Of course, turns out lady gaga wasn't even aware of this, she was on tour. Her manager made the decision for her, and now that she's heard it, it's now re-approved.

Why is this exciting? Well, mostly because weird al makes great videos, and you know he's going to take it to the extreme (and perhaps we'll actually see him in drag)

Here's the song in case you want to hear it:

Thursday, April 7, 2011

dayz like these make me proud to be a chicagoean


The Cook County Jail in Chicago has initiated a policy of using detainees’ gender identity instead of their birth gender to determine where they will be housed, making it one of the few in the nation to do so, Windy City Times reports.

In an exclusive interview with the paper, Sheriff Tom Dart (pictured) said the policy went into effect last month. It allows transgender detainees to go before a gender identity panel of physicians and therapists before being placed in quarters for men or women, and to have clothing and hygiene products that are consistent with their gender identity. It also mandates training on gender issues for correctional staffers.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

rupaul boys to girls

About the only thing I like more than drag? Turning straight boys into drag queens. I've only seen this a few times on talk shows like donahue (remember him?), springer, etc. Recently on drag race, they took some jocks and turned them into really good drag queens. Slava was my favorite, and in my opinion the best looking one (not to mention he had some great comments about being turned on by it):

Here's a snippet from the show:

Monday, April 4, 2011

crossdressing, EARLY DAYZ

Something I never really published before, crossdressing at a very early age. I would say maybe around 15-16 (JUST before I got my po box so I could mail order what I wanted). I suppose the best way is to just list each thing:

1. Crayola makeup - you heard me. Not crayons, but markers. The eraseable kind not only erase off of paper, also off skin. I used them to add blush and eyeshadow, which as a young teen it was a thrill

2. Button earrings - Ok this might sound odd, but I'm talking about pearl buttons (the ones on fancy shirts). Where did I obtain these you might ask? Well I used to be a janitor for a major retail clothing store, which means I had all the opportunities in the world to pickup buttons that fell off shirts.

3. Sewing my own dress - That's right, and where might I have gotten the material? Old pair of jeans. I totally sewed my own jean dress, and it wasn't half bad. I measured my body the best I could, and after cutting out the shape (and sewing the legs together), I sewed up the sides. It actually turned out semi-decent, sort of wish I had actually kept it.

4. Paper eyelashes - Take a black marker, make some rectangular boxes on a piece of white paper, cut it out, then cut the slits (lashes). Granted it ends up looking a little cartoony, it's quite dramatic. I've also a few times created quick mascara by cutting out a strip of black electrical tape.

5. Underwear bra - that's right, you can make a bra out of men's underwear (saw this on a website a long time ago). it actually turns out reasonably good too.

6. aluminum artificial nails - My dad once acquired a bunch of scrap aluminum from a police auction (dirt cheap too, like for less than the scrap was worth if you recycled it). We made all sorts of stuff out of it, cases mostly. Then I got this great idea to make artificial nails out of it. It was thin enough, i just had to cut out the shapes, and then bend them a little. They actually turned out fairly good I must say. I ended up painting them a gloss red after I sanded them smooth. One nice thing about them is they never broke or split. I do remember one time I used a little too much superglue and had issues getting them off (I think I took off a layer of nail). Thank goodness I never got an infection, try to explain that to your dad.

identical twins, one transgender?

So this is what I pondered today. Has there ever been a case where there were identical twins, and one decided to transition? Pretty slim odds, but in fact it has happened:

Reason I thought of it is because it'd be interesting to see both genders at the same time (but same genetics), and to see those two grow up.