Monday, October 24, 2016

pete burns of "dead or alive" dies at 57
Died of a cardiac arrest.. reason why he's relevant, he's another open gender artist like david bowie or boy george.  I had no idea he had so many plastic surgeries.  Apparently he had a botched lip job, which led to 300 followup surgeries to try to correct all of it

If you watch a recent TV appearance on big brother, not only are his facial features very puffy, it looks like his neck is puffed out as well

And for those of you that don't remember dead or alive, their most known song is spin me round:

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Key west drag races

This looks like fun, and a lot of cute drag queens.  Too bad I hate florida.

world's first successful uterus transplant happened today

On a woman of course.. The first 3 were not successful, the 4th was.  But you have to wonder if this would ever work on a male to female transexual?  Would the body reject it because of having the wrong chromosomes, or if they dial in this surgery could a male to female transexual eventually be given the gift of a pregnancy?  Granted a uterus isn't going to suddenly start producing eggs, but implanting a fertilized egg would allow them to still have the pregnancy.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

SAM (2015) movie VS switch (spoiler alert)

 So this movie was posted in the crossdreamer forum a while back.  This is another one of those small independent films, which is why it took over a year for it to finally get released.  I'll preface with the fact that initially IMDB said it would be released on September 20th, and when that day came it showed up on amazon as a DVD but it said mid-october.  Now there is a streaming service called VUDU, and it showed it as pre-order but release date of September 27th.  So being the impatient person I am, I rented it for $4 when it was available for streaming.

Let's compare them in general.  Both feature the shocking reaction when they wake up as a woman, both while taking a leak (though I think SAM was done slightly better, denying a bit longer).
In switch he is reincarnated as a woman after being shot by his 3 girlfriends that he cheated on while SAM is just generally a chauvinistic pig that is cursed by a shop owner.  The shop looks very much like a hobby shop, but I think it was implying the SRU store since it disappears and reappears like you've read on fictionmania so many times.

Both get stopped by the apartment security / doormen

 Both are reluctant to embrace their female bodies at first, but they both succumb to it eventually.  In switch, she asks her girlfriend to help her learn how to dress.  In SAM, she ends up going to a finishing school to learn how to dress and move like a girl

In both movies, she ends up falling in love with her best friend

In general, while SAM felt more like a TV movie in it's production quality, I felt like SAM described the female experience better.  She starts to understand what women are saying (as if it's a completely different language men don't understand), she gains female intuition (and can read everyone in a room with her 27 new senses), and she learns that the female orgasm is very different (and even states that she's frigid at one point when she gets frustrated she can't masterbate to men or women).  She also ends up fighting for a raise for her female co-worker, someone she took for granted as a man.  She also finds that while playing football, she's treated as a second class citizen that can't keep up with the boys.  This movie seems to describe what it would be like to switch genders the best out of any I've seen (assuming they are correct).  While it's a little long at 108 minutes, and perhaps some thing could have been edited out, it was still well done.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Alexander Skarsgard tries out drag (farrah fawcett)

Beyond his story, Conan admits like every comic eventually you end up in drag.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

prince - alter ego "camille" album never released back in 1986

So this is making news today.. it's up for auction:

According to wikipedia, most of the songs were released on the sign of the times album.

Only song that wasn't is "rebirth of the flesh", but you can find it on youtube?


Tuesday, September 6, 2016

first period movie

I probably blogged about this when the trailer first came out

I finally got around the renting it for $2 on youtube.  I gotta say it wasn't half bad.  Campy, very B-movie, but that's no surprise from the trailer.  Jokes were pretty good, the only annoying part ws her catch phrase used OVER and OVER "totally rocking superstar extraordinaire, you're welcome".  The two main "girl" characters are obviously dudes.. The one actor is like 30 playing a 16 year old.  the other actor has done so few films he doesn't even have his bio listed but he looks like he could easily be mid 30's.  The part I liked the most about the film is probably the fact that they imply they are actually women (homely women), but women.. Even though they are clearly played by guys.  As I let my mind wander, I started to change the plot as if these were 2 transgender girls that were passing 100%.  I wonder if they didn't enhance the voices though, they sound too good for non-transitioning guys most of the time.  It almost sounds as if they sped them up a little.  Also there are some scenes (especially at night when they're in the car) where you can tell they did a bad job of foundation, but during the day they did a good job.. they captured the 80's look well.

Interesting fact: The actress that plays the art teacher was also the one that played simone (the waitress in pee-wee's big adventure) from 30 years before.  It must have to do with the fact that cassandra peterson was also in that movie.

three degrees off center - body swap workout

So I've been following this youtube channel ever since the wand of change.. slowly over the years James has been eeking out similar videos, some that are many parts.  This latest is top notch quality, and even has 5 alternate endings.  He's also started a patreon account to help raise funds for these videos.  So far he's only raised about $70/month (I'm chipping in $5).  I think his biggest issue is that when you give away the content for free, there's really no incentive to spend money.  Oh sure, anyone that enjoys content should donate.. Ya know, like when you illegally download a new album, but the guilt forces you to also buy it on amazon.  Unfortunately, most don't, and it's what kills creativity.  People can't live off comments alone.

If you've enjoyed any of his videos, I ask that you too become a patreon supporter.  Here's a link to his latest:

Friday, August 19, 2016

Target to spend $20 million to convert all bathrooms to single stalls restrooms

Don't know how I feel about this.  Is this segregation, or is this Target ending any arguments someone might have about the transgender community using restrooms?  Either way it seems to be a ploy to repair the lost sales they've suffered recently since supporting the community, so I get it.  At the end of the day, they are a business.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Drag queen LYFT driver

I LOVE this.  Not only because it's putting drag into the world, but using drag to make a service fun (and she's super cute in that taxi outfit).  Also, who wouldn't love to do drag part time, make money, and put yourself out in the public doing so (IE have an excuse for dressing up in public)

Also look at the before / after, quite a transformation (looks better as a girl)

Saturday, August 13, 2016

french manicure while asleep prank

I like this.. I only wish she had been able to get both hands, and did a better job of gluing.  He pulls 2 off right away, but the other 3 are stuck on pretty well and he proceeds to pry them off and likely do nail damage.  She could have told him to stop and promise to help him by soaking them.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

crossdressers need speed and easy reversability

I would normally post this on my other blog:

But since I have more eyeballs here (and hopefully a larger crossdress audience), I figured I'd post here.  So obviously one of the things we struggle with is time, the other is making sure whatever we do is easily removed, especially if it's a week night.  So the first item:
1. speed: I've been watching a lot of makeup videos lately.  I'll admit I'm not that experienced with makeup, I'm sure many women aren't so great with it either.  I'm trying to break it down to the bare essentials and keep it as simple as possible.  If you ever watch ru paul's drag race, or really any drag tutorial on youtube, if they are experienced they can rush a decent makeup job under 10 minutes.  I think if you plan it out, and have practice under your belt, that's completely achievable with a decent look.  I try to keep it in this order:
1. concealer under eyes

2. Layer of foundation

3.  Powder (don't remember brand, but it's natural)

4. Now I go to eyes, starting with eyeshadow (s), then I do eyeliner and mascara.  I highly reccommend getting a liquid liner instead of a pencil.  It applies much smoother and easier:

Then if I'm feeling adventurous, I'll apply false lashes.  I think out of everything, this can make or break a feminine look.  I order the lashes off ebay.  ironically, the cheapies from china (10 for $10) sometimes work better because they are stiffer and don't flex the wrong way.  I use this to apply:

One new thing I'm experimenting with is eyebrow pencil.  I'm not shaving off my eyebrows completely off obviously, but I do trim it back so there's a sharp break between hair and skin instead of the usual fade most of us have.  I'm also filling in the gaps with a pencil to make it more full, and I have to say it does make a difference.  The eyebrows really pop, especially with facial movements.

As far as reversibility, I reccomend a good makeup remover that's easy on your skin:


Now here's the ultimate tip for both speed and reversibility that I'm EXCITED about, it's false nails.  So you basically have 2 options:

1. Use strong glue to attach them.  Works good if you do it right, but obviously taking them off isn't so easy (and often kills the nail in the process).  Even with soaking each finger in acetone for 5 minutes it can kill the fake nail (and leave your own looking pretty cruddy afterwards).

2. You buy pre-adhesive nails (easily reversible, but adhesion usually sucks).  The only somewhat exception are KISS brand nails (they will lose adhesion a bit if you decide to do dishes).  There are separate tab packets, but they seem overpriced and based on reviews they don't seem to work very well.  Now as many will tell you, a prepped nail surface is key.  That means lightly sanding down the surface, and then cleaning the surface with some alcohol.  It's also recommended you don't touch the adhesive as the oils from your fingers will affect adhesion.

Now while KISS nails work well, and they are fairly reasonable ($7 typically on amazon prime) you ARE somewhat limited in styles.  french manicures all day long, red nails.. But what if you want something cute like multicolored?  Perhaps you found some cute hand painted nails that look like watermelons?  Remember those tabs, the ones that don't seem to work.  Well I have the solution, and it will actually save you money in the long run (both in the nails themselves and the adhesive).

So first off, KISS nail packets, $7.  If you buy just plain nails (prepainted) on ebay, they can be had for a little as a dollar or two (especially if you buy quantities).  The pads are usually like $6 for 20, or about $1.50 per hand (more if you mess some up).  I have something that works better, and will only cost you about $.17 per hand!  I present to you, the ultimate in adhesion.. It's 3M 9474LE super strong adhesion tape.  This is the stuff the automotive industry uses to attach emblems to the back of cars so you know it's strong (but WILL come off).  On amazon you can buy a 2" x 36" strip (free shipping for prime members) for $8.

For each hand, you can cut off a 3/4" strip and then cut that strip into the widths of your fingernails (cutting chamfers on the corners so it mostly fits the nail).  If you want to be anal, I'm sure you could painstakingly cut fingernails shapes but I'm looking for speed here.  It should look like this:
When taking off the other paper, you may have to use an x-acto knife to make sure you don't remove the adhesive back off the nail (it's slightly thicker than your typical nail adhesive).  It'll look shinier too:

Here's the results..  They are just as strong as KISS nails, and now I'm not restricted to only buying those now.  In fact I've had these nails on my fingers the entire time while typing all of this, and nothing has popped off.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Genetic engineering - CRISPR

I've brought up the subject of DNA editing before.  Our gender is defined by chromosomes, which are made up of thousands of DNA strands.  If you can make genetic modifications on the DNA level, I see no reason why you couldn't modify your "genes" to be the opposite gender and in effect give yourself a gender change on the DNA level.  Now that's not to say you'll suddenly have the opposite genitals (even hormones won't change that), but imagine flipping a switch and having your body produce natural hormones of the gender you choose?  Also from a medical / forensics point of view (and perhaps a social point of view), you would in effect be transformed into a CISgender (at least medically).

So the buzzword (CRISPR) came up recently, and it's making news because it's changing the speed and cost at which we can experiment with DNA altering.  So much so that the cost has shrunk by 99%, and the time is sped up from a year down to a few weeks.  They make a good comparison to how the first computers (early DNA editing) were really slow, complicated, and expensive.  As time went on, computers got faster, cheaper, and more readily available to the general public.  This also happened at an exponential rate (processing power still doubles about every 18 months).  So when you consider this jump in efficiency, you have to wonder how quickly we'll see benefits from this.  They bring up the point of completely eradicating diseases, possibly slow down or stopping aging, perhaps even reversing aging.  They also bring up designer babies, where in effect you could pick out traits and have a beautiful kid.  Of course gender changes aren't mentioned, but it's only a matter of time before someone decodes the DNA strand, finds out which ones determine gender, and experiment on a human subject to see if it flips the gender switch.

Female POV porn

I knew it existed, never really found anything good until I switched search engines.  There's at least 6 good compilations on pornhub, starting with this one:

If you scroll down, there's links to other related videos that will take you to the rest.  This is quite possibly the best porn I've ever watched.  Nothing like a clear visual to spark your imagination.  My only negative comment about them, it seems like the camera is perhaps mounted on top of their head, or forehead? (which is more noticeable depending on where they are looking)  If it was closer to the eyes it would make for a more believable experience.  Now we just need dual cameras so we can have female POV virtual porn

Thursday, July 14, 2016

american ninja ranma 1/2 warrior

"TRANSGENDER WOMAN" found taking photos of 18 year old girl in target dressing room

Thankfully this didn't happen in bathroom, but puts the community in a bad light in general.  Shawn (shauna) patricia smith was found taking photos in a dressing room wearing a blonde wig and a dress.  He got caught and ran away, but was captured.  They found photos on his cellphone camera roll.  He is sitting in a local male jail.

First off, pervert.  Secondly, this person doesn't strike me as someone who is transitioning.  Even if you're not on hormones, his mugshot shows he wasn't wearing a bit of makeup (no jail is going to get off all the mascara).  I'm not saying you have to wear makeup to be a woman, but someone who's transitioning and trying to pass is going to use everything they can to blend in.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

confession time

Ok so I'll admit I'm pretty techie and have been since my late teens.  One job I had back in 2000, we had an open network.  Companies weren't really using filters yet because the internet was still young.  I was well aware of what a network administrator was capable of monitoring, but there were so many employees and there was never any correction of behavior.  Lots of people surfed, some watched streaming video (which was a huge data hog back then), so it was pretty accepted to surf in the background while you worked.  As the market turned because of the recession at the time, each quarter slowly small groups of people would be let go.  I managed to survive many many cuts, and when I finally did get cut I wasn't surprised, or mad.. But backing up maybe a year before that, it was well understood that the head of the IT department was not very smart, or very aggressive in combating slacking.  I imagine as it became tough for management to decide who to let go out of the small pool, he asked IT to start monitoring everyone's activities as leverage.  One day, the IT manager walks into my cubicle, and hands me about 3 sheets of what they considered "inappropriate websites", warns me to tone things down, and walks away.  The list wasn't porn, mostly news blogs, perhaps other random things that come up in searches.. Annnnd quite a few crossdressing yahoo pages.  Yea, I had the balls to surf to crossdress websites, at work.  Needless to say, those lists were never shared with anyone, but I vowed to not visit "those pages" anymore.

Thursday, July 7, 2016


Oh I think that I fouuund myself a cheerleader

Her body is always available to swap into when I need her

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

POV - guy blackmailed into being a slut

GUY: "You'll suck my cock, or I won't turn you back into a guy"

GIRL: "Fuck you asshole! you're lucky I'm doing this at all!"

GIRL: "Why the fuck did you cum in my mouth?!  eww!!"

Justin Bieber --> Miley Cyrus

Click on the first photo, then keep clicking right arrow to make him transform!