Sunday, August 30, 2009


"nah nah, now I get to be the pretty and admired one at the party" said the husband in his wife's body. His wife didn't look so pleased.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

augmented reality in the future?

I dream of one day when computers are so fast and so tiny (think iphone, but smaller and faster) that they'll be embedded in all sorts of devices. So embedded and un-noticed that you could in effect put on an ordinary pair of glasses, which change your perception of reality, and you see yourself as a girl. You look in the mirror, supermodel. You stare down at your arms, no hair, very slim slender hands, thin fingers with long painted fingernails. You take them off, everthing is back to normal. In essence, An autogynephilia's wet dream. No longer are we wasting hours of time getting dressed just to be dissapointed at the image looking back, we can fool ourselves into thinking we are in fact real women, with the ability to instantly change back just by taking off our glasses.

Monday, August 24, 2009

caught at work

This is your network administrator. I am logging all sites that you go to, including this one, Since you are going to sites that are non work related, I have no choice but to use fitting punishment. Enjoy your new bodies guys, maybe next time you'll think twice about goofing off at work!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Swingers swap

"you.... IDIOT!! When I agreed to use the body swapping machine with that swinger couple, I assume you meant switch places with the corresponding genders! I feel weird in this strange woman's body, and you can just FOR.. GET about having sex with me!"

Monday, August 17, 2009

another satisfied customer

"Hmm.. about a D-cup, perhaps 2 pounds a piece? Yea, these boobs will do, as well as the rest of the body. I'll take her", said the male patient in the new body. Another successful body swap!

Saturday, August 15, 2009


"let's see, click here to download this ringtone.. bleep! wtf just happened? what does that fine print say? I agree to the terms of this purchase, which may include random magic spells? who writes this stuff?"

work threat

"Look, either you land this contract, or I'm going to turn you into a bimbo and make you a secretary, capish?"
"Yes Maam, I'll try harder!"

Friday, August 14, 2009

incredible shrinking woman

"Stop! Don't take another step closer! I'm down here! someone not only cast a spell to turn me into a woman, but they also made me 6" tall!"

begging the wife

"Please honey, you HAVE to change me back! All the guys at work are hitting on me, and my boss has already demoted me to secretary based on my gender. I hate being a girl!"

best of both worlds?

"Pheh.. like you have it so rough?"

After my last blog post, I'm beginning to think what we have is not a curse. It's something special, it's a gift. On one hand, it's difficult to achieve our fantasy. It's not like we have magic, it's not like we have machines that transfer our souls into different bodies.. yet. What we do have is what I like to call a balanced person. Most of us can perform manly tasks, while at the same time enjoy beauty, and sometimes make ourselves beautiful. We aren't closed minded, we're as open minded as you can get. I'm willing to bet most of you reading this also find themselves never bored, because they have so many interests and hobbies they are always doing something. We almost hate to waste our time at work because we could be doing something we really want.

It's not that unlike a buffet. Rather than be focused, and fitting ourselves in the confines of what society says our gender ought to be doing, we pick and chose the best attributes of each gender. We skip the meat and potatoes, and throw some of that delicous curry chicken on our plates. We skip the boring sports, but we learn skills to build things. We skip the periods, and the catyness of being a woman, but embrace the beauty.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Why are we stuck in between?

Are we nothing more than simply androgynous? Can we not commit to a gender, or is it possible one gender simply doesn't satisfy us?

I'm reminded walking through the the mall as a kid, maybe just slightly before teen years started. I remembered walking down the "female" aisle, stores upon stores all catering to women. Oh sure, there might be the occasional "man" store, but it was usually a specialty shop like a high-end suit store. Where did most guys shop? Usually Sears, JcPenny.. A very generic, general store that happens to carry clothing.

Then you think about a wedding. A woman can spend months shopping for the perfect wedding dress, and her bridesmaids aren't out of the clear either. Oh no, not only do they have to figure out what style of dress, but they have to decide on a color. What do the men get to do? They all get to rent a tuxedo, and they all look the same, and the color of the cumber bum is determined by what color the bridesmaids dresses are.

Let's look at some of the other advantages women have that make us think that the grass is greener on the other side.

Women get away with a lot. They get out of tickets, they often get out of doing hard jobs (fix the car, fix the house, mow the lawn, shovel the snow). That's a very broad general stereotype, but often it's true. How many times do women ask us to do them a favor, sound familiar? And then when the roles are reversed, you'd think you just asked them to kill for them.

Women are also very open-minded. It's nothing for a woman to dance with another woman at a wedding, it's nothing for them to kiss, perhaps even experiment sexually with another woman. It's pretty much standard for a girl to have a lesbian experiment during college at least once. A girl wants to wear slacks, perhaps even a tux at a wedding, nobody bats an eye. If a guy were to do any of the same, he'd be labeled as gay. Society has really limited what men are allowed to do.

A woman, even if not so pretty can wear the right clothing and makeup to.. make up for it. A woman has lot of choices and coverups to make themselves to improve their looks, a guy looks bad, he's always going to look bad.

What's that? your a dude but you want to grow your hair out? That's nice, hope it's not windy out because you'll be eating hair. Well no problem, I'll just tie it back with a ponytail holder.. and that's pretty much it. It is simply AMAZING the choices women have for doing something with their hair. They have barrettes, headbands, twisty things that interwine, they can put their ponytail anywhere on their head, perhaps two one on each side? A guy's hair better be sticking straight down.

Want a divorce? If your a woman, not only are you most likely to win the favor of any courtroom, guess what? Not only do you get half of his stuff, you also get paid by your ex-husband for the rest of your life as long as you don't re-marry and you make less of an income than he does (which is typical).

You start to realize that men are simple, and boring, judgemental, and treated unfairly. But wait, if that's your opinion, then clearly your in the wrong body, you sound like a candidate for HRT followed by SRS right? Wrongo! Even cross-dressing is a task in itself, do you really think I'd want to be mandated to fuss with my hair every single morning, not to mention having to apply makeup when I'm half asleep? Oh and make sure you don't wear the same outfit everyday, and make sure you psychologically check to make sure none of the other girls are wearing the same outfit at work today.

Oh and look at those pretty nails, don't they feel great on the end of your fingers? Sure, until you have to actually do something with them. Ever try typing with long fingernails, it's damned near impossible if they're long enough.

Don't even get me started on heels. Sure they look gorgeous, even feel pretty good, for about 5 minutes, then you realize how uncomfortable they can be.

You think carrying a wallet around is a nuisance, poking you in the ass when you sit down? Try lugging a 2 pound purse around with a wallet inside, and makeup, and your phone, and mints, and aspirin, and notes you took, and a brush, etc.

You like the living your making? Bet you'd be making a lot less if you were a woman, statistically women still make less than men.

Do you get defensive when someone questions your skills and abilities at work? Imagine how often that happens when your a woman, being judged by your sex rather than your brain.

Did you know that almost all women are catty? That's right, they are constantly trying to outdo each other, whether it be wearing better clothes, looking prettier than their friends, having a more successful boyfriend/husband, they can be downright viscous.

So what does all this mean? Well, sometimes I feel I could never be happy as either gender. I sometimes think that if I was born a woman, I'd still have that crossover desire in me. On some days I'd be dolled up to the nines, other days I'd be in sweatpants and sneakers, not caring how I look with a gallon of ice cream in my lap. Sometimes all of us just need an escape from ourselves, and there is no greater escape than pretending we are of the opposite gender. If I have a really stressful day at my job, fantasizing I have a cushy life as a female runway model where all I have to do is look pretty, or perhaps a female porn star where it's much the same cept I have to have sex. But at the same time, I have no desire to transition, I have no desire to come out of the closet, I have no desire to even go out in public dressed up (unless it's Halloween). I think for many of us, it's just a fantasy, and it doesn't necessarily mean we need to act it out. Sometimes a fantasy is just a fantasy. It doesn't need to be achieved, it doesn't need acting out in real life. Our amazing imaginative brain fullfills our needs by imaging whatever it needs to get by.

desperate medallion wives

AHHHHH!!!! Our wives changed us both with that medallion. I bet they're sharing it with every single housewife on this block. We gotta head them off before every husband in town is transformed into a girl!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

tg-fiction defined

So I've been thinking about the whole tg-fiction thing lately from a structural standpoint. I don't know how many times I've heard people comment in message boards "oh please, why is fiction always feature a character where they're forced to be a girl against their will, they enjoy every minute of it!". And I thought about it, and it didn't really make sense to me. Perhaps we aren't the character, maybe we like imagining a guy who doesn't like any of this being forced to? While that's not a bad fantasy, I don't think that's it at all.

I think the real fantasy is about teasing. I think we like the idea of being threatened of being transformed. This is why often there is a build up. It's not like you start the story, and someone walks in and goes "poof! your a girl!". More importantly, the idea of being stuck, which is something else we don't want, is the other tease/threat. All of us base our fantasy on becoming a girl, getting off, then changing back. In nearly every story, the character is either threatened/blackmailed with being left that way, or the story ends with the device being lost/broken/given away leaving them stuck. That's not to say this is the situation we desire, but it's what makes a story (or fantasy) interesting. Every story needs conflict to be interesting. When you read an action story, you don't wish that your being chased by a futuristic robot, but if the story was "shot the robot, he stopped working", it would be boring an uninteresting.

So then I thought about it a little more, and I realized there is in fact a formula to this storyline. So much in fact that I'm willing to bet someone could easily write a script, chose some attributes, fill in some names of characters, and it would pop up a completely new story. So here goes:

A. Choose the change device: medallion, future lab machine, magical wand, potion, genie lamp, spellbook, etc.
B. Choose the motive: experiment, friend is out of town and we need a clone, low paying co-worker wants to swap rank, girlfriend caught you cheating, wife is bisexual, friend wants to mess with you, same sex friend is horny, younger sibling is tired of being bossed around, Bully on a powertrip, Bullied kid wants revenge, world goes out of whack (great change), etc.
C. Transformation initiates, how quickly? insantenous, it could be a body swap, it could happen while you sleep and it finishes when you awake, it could happen slowly over a few days as you hide the subtle changes (can't explain why your slowly looking different), if it's a device it could be the changer manually making the changes on the fly, etc.
D. What kind of girl is the guy transformed into? slutty, big breasted, horny, clone, skinny/fat, pregnant, younger/older, different race, etc.
E. What is the blackmail/threat? Do it or I won't change you back, do this task or I'll REALLY make you do something embarrasing, if it's a body swap (do what I say, or I'll go out in your body and do embarrasing things), do what I say or I'll use this device to kill you
F. What is the action? Have sex with my friend, clean the house, stand up in wedding because I don't want to, take my test for me, your not the boss of me anymore, go shopping for girly clothes, come with me to a bar so we can pickup some guys
G. How does the character get stuck? device got destroyed, device got stolen, wishes ended, pendant got borrowed, no anidote
E. How does this guy stuck in a girl's body live out the rest of his life? business as usual (just in a diffferent body), he eventually learns to live with it, continues the search for the device or another device that would be just as good, you get revenge back by changing them too before device is gone

What? This isn't the wish I made. I said I wanted to be in charge, I never said I wanted to be mommy! Please take my wish back!

CEO 2 secretary

Holy crap! How did I switch places with my assistant? One minute I'm eating some yogurt, then the next thing I know I'm sitting at her desk. How do I get back to my body?!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

off by one

*gasp* My genie is telling me we used all of our wishes up!
No way, according to my notes here, you still have one left
Well according to him, they're all used up, and now we're stuck like this!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Flickr jackpot

Flickr has really improved their image search, and the thumbnails are adjustable. It's like having the search ability of Google, with the quality of flickr. I've got material for at least a week.

What the hell? Why am I seeing my wife's reflection in the bathroom mirror? What happened last night? I need answers now!

Katy Perry parody

So this is what I get for waking up in vegas? Jesus, what do I get for waking up in my own bed? How in the heck did I change into a girl last night?!!

OMG, I'm having a flashback. I remember getting married.. to my best friend!

Actually, maybe this isn't so bad. I mean, at least I'm pretty, things could be worse, I could be broke.

Crap, now we're broke too, how are we going to get home? Please god, help us out. Show us the way out of this mess.

Get the hell away from me, I might be desperate, but I am not sleeping with men for money!

manly gaga

Why, but of course I'm a hermaphrodite, how else do you explain my strange behavior.. and odd fashion sense?

virtual femminizatoin clinic

Don't know if any of you remember this, but about 5 years ago there used to be this website where they would take your male photo, and do some hollywood quality photoshopping. They would take your existing facial features and add female characteristics to it. It was some amazing work, and not really sure why the site went away (no business? guy died, what?). Some of them seemed hoaxy (jumps from the last picture, to clearly an existing model). But this one of our ex-president clearly looks authentic.

Someone managed to save some of the images:

Sunday, August 9, 2009

"I totally tricked him into marrying me, that medallion is worth it's weight in gold! Now all I have to do is switch back to a dude a couple times to mess with his mind, and he'll divorce me and then I can collect alimony and retire for the rest of my life"

Saturday, August 8, 2009

"Dammit! not again!", he said to himself. His wife liked having a strong body to get some gardening done, so she would often borrow her husband's body. Of course that left him with her body, leaving him weak and cute.. and usually to do housework.

Friday, August 7, 2009

"Perhaps I can chew these luscious thick lips off?" Dave thought to himself, not liking how cute he turned out when he accidentally swallowed the femme juice

Transgend-crafters.. Sex change in about an hour (glasses included)

Augmented reality, finally becoming a reality?

Ok, so I've seen demos of augmented reality for as long as I can remember (at least since the early 90's). As computers get more powerful it eventually trickles down. Apple has stated the next iphone update in september is going to open up the floodgates for augmented apps. Logitech has had an effects plugin for 3 years now that allows you to add objects (glasses, masks) over your webcam video

even have an animated avatar, even some female ones

Now the problem with logitech is that the tracking isn't that great, so your avatar usually ends up looking like a puppet with a sprained hand, and it's not very realistic. Also, logitech refuses to make this open source so users can make their own, nor will they bother adding new ones.

I just saw this demo, which does show some promise. It's as if they are doing realtime hollywood effects:

What's the point of all this? Well, it would seem to me if augmented reality ever starts getting good (and lord knows flat screen TV's keep getting bigger and cheaper), one day we'll have what appears a full length mirror which is in fact a display that is projecting an image of a female looking back in realtime. Imagine skipping all the work of getting dressed up, fullfilling your fantasy at the click of a button? I for one would love such a system!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

My take on Autogynephiliac

I've been reading a blog on here:

Ever since it was mentioned by rebecca molay that it was being updated after being dormant. I remember reading about this well over a year ago. I had mentioned in a certain (extremely filtered forum) that will remain nameless, which quickly got deleted after some flaming. I have also posted a comment on a youtube video about the subject:

And also got quickly flamed. She did tell me to watch a video of Andrea James

Talking about Michael Bailey and how his view on transexualism is hurting the transgender community. While I'm certainly not denying this term doesn't exist, I also don't agree with him in the fact he wants to label every transexual as this. I think there are many levels to the transgender spectrum, and it's very close minded to lump everything into one category.

By the way, this person also has the best female voice instructional video I've ever seen, covering all 4 techniques:

However with that said, this term with all it's attributes:

I don't think there's one person who's reading this blog doesn't see something on there that doesn't apply to them. Quite frankly, I think pretty much everything on there applies to me, sometimes many of them at the same time, sometimes just one thing, but I can definitely relate to all of it.

So now your probably asking yourself, "I still don't understand why the hatred towards this term"? Well above and beyond a psychiatrist trying to lump all transgender into one category, I believe turning a lifestyle into a fetish "in which all MTF are really sexually turned on by modifying their own bodies", it not only devalues it, but since many SRS procedures are covered by insurance, imagine how quickly they would change their minds if they thought this wasn't even cosmetic, but rather a sexual turn-on.

So as I commented on this blog, I think someone needs to coin a new term, one that takes all of these attributes, but creates a new name for it that isn't tainted and hated. The best I could come up with is MT-ferotica. If you read it, it starts out as MTF and combines with erotica, and then it has a double entandra of "empty", meaning it's not real but a fantasy.

I also read on a blog about how we have the most unfair situation. We aren't like gay people where we come out of the closet and is well because they dress and act as they feel. We are not like transexuals where they take hormones and get electrolysis, perhaps breast implants or SRS and live their lives as women, and they also dress and act as they feel. No, we live a very different lifestyle. We live a life where we only want to temporarily be a woman to fullfill a sexual desire. This to me is one of the most inconvenient situations one can have. I mean it's not like having some weird disease where "I can't be in the sunlight" sort of inconveniences, but it's certainly not consistent. I don't know how many times I've thought about crossdressing, then thought "hmm, at least an hour of prep, a few hours of enjoying it, and then 10 minutes spent undressing and taking off makeup, and being confined to my home". It's no wonder why I don't do it more often, especially when some photos and a few lines of story can get you most of the way there. Some say "well hey, why stay confined to your house? get out there and show your pride". That's great, except I'm not part of that crowd. I don't need to come out because I have no inclination of transitioning. Why should I have to explain myself to anyone, especially when they'll form their own opinion about me since this condition is so unknown to mainstream media.

Often my wife will ask me "what turns you on?", to which I have to play dumb. I sometimes think about sending her a link to the wiki page that so defines me, but I'm not sure she'd understand it. What advantage would it have anyway? I have a fantasy that can't actually be fullfilled. Oh sure maybe some of it, I mean I can wear the clothing and pretend I'm actually a girl underneath, perhaps partake in "female" activities to make the fantasy more real, but deep down we all know who we really are underneath it all. We wear our masks in public to hide what we really are deep inside our minds.

I'm reminded of a larry king live "men becoming women, women becoming men" where one of the guests talks about how we are not defined by our sexual organs. Everyone thinks gender is all genital based and it's not. We have gender based on our genitals, and we have gender based in our mind. This actually elaborates sexuality into more than just the 4 categories (hetrosexual male, hetrosexual female, gay men, lesbian women). Just look at lesbians, you have lipstick lesbians (mind of a female), and a sex drive of a female. But then there's butch lesbians (mind of a man), and sex drive of a female. I believe the same can hold true for MTF transgender. If you have the mind of a female, and your sexuality is that of female (wanting to be a woman attracted to men), then you will likely transition. If your someone like me (sexuality of a woman), but a mind of a man (only thinks about female things as a sexual turn-on but likes building stuff, fixing stuff, tinkering with gadgets), well then your probably an Autogynephiliac.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Too much Sex?

I've been noticing a lot less comments lately, and I have to think it's because how I've skewed the blog? It's been hard to find good photos, and well.. as many captioners do I turned to porn to get my photos. If this offends anyone, or if you think I've veered away from the original direction let me know.

With that said, I've posted a couple clean ones to sort of clear the pallet.

Easy on the breasts

"Dude, how big did you make them? I mean I'm willing to be a woman because your date backed out, but easy on the breast size! I mean, I must be like a 34D!"


They didn't call him the joker for nothin. The joker changed batman into batgirl, he sure had a weird sense of humor.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

prison or slave?

Thanks for changing my body, it totally fooled those cops! Now if you don't mind, could you change me back, I'm gonna book a flight out of the country before they come back.
Thanks? That's all I get? I did you a HUGE favor, I kept you out of prison.

Well what exactly do you want from me?
I'll show you what I want, come here!

Mmmph, what are you doing?
I'm just taking what's coming to me. Hasn't anyone told you nothing in life is free, you owe me big time.

Hey! why are you tying me up?!
Because I have a feeling you aren't going to go along with this very easily

Mmmph! oh my god, this is so degrading!
Just be quiet and suck my cock, your making me go limp

Gaaack! stop pushing my head down, I can't breathe!
If you would do it right I wouldn't have to hold your hair

Owww! I'm still technically a virgin, do you have any idea how much this hurts right now?
No, but I do know that you feel nice and tight to me

Seriously? Candle wax on my stomach? This does nothing for me
Yea but I like giving pain

Aaaack! What are you doing now, choking me?
You don't get around much do you?

Oh thank god, you finally came. Now I can finally change back
That's what you think. I might just keep you around, your a great lay. In fact, my house needs cleaning, why don't you put on that maid's outfit and get to work!

Xtreme fakeover

This was an odd reality show on a station called PAX (now ion TV as of 2007). Basically they took this hollywood makeup guy (and a ditsy blonde sidekick), and he would first take a snapshot and photoshop sketch what the makeover might look like, then go to work on prosthetics. As you can see by this video:

The dramatic change is astounding. Think miss doubtfire, but MTF and FTM, and different races. The point of the show was to alter someone's appearance so much, and see if their best friend or family member would recognize them.

This one was one of my favorite (wish I could find a copy), transforming a guy into an absolutely gorgeous woman. The pictures don't do justice, they dressed him as a really sexy female wrestler with long nails and lace gloves.