Friday, August 14, 2009

best of both worlds?

"Pheh.. like you have it so rough?"

After my last blog post, I'm beginning to think what we have is not a curse. It's something special, it's a gift. On one hand, it's difficult to achieve our fantasy. It's not like we have magic, it's not like we have machines that transfer our souls into different bodies.. yet. What we do have is what I like to call a balanced person. Most of us can perform manly tasks, while at the same time enjoy beauty, and sometimes make ourselves beautiful. We aren't closed minded, we're as open minded as you can get. I'm willing to bet most of you reading this also find themselves never bored, because they have so many interests and hobbies they are always doing something. We almost hate to waste our time at work because we could be doing something we really want.

It's not that unlike a buffet. Rather than be focused, and fitting ourselves in the confines of what society says our gender ought to be doing, we pick and chose the best attributes of each gender. We skip the meat and potatoes, and throw some of that delicous curry chicken on our plates. We skip the boring sports, but we learn skills to build things. We skip the periods, and the catyness of being a woman, but embrace the beauty.

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  1. like everything you said...because we are discrete...we can be very alone...still get bored in a very self restriced world that is better than most...however we do have a wonderfull sense of humor, that is a part of our universe...Because we realize we are special, yet we do not feel overly entitled, we are more accepting