Friday, January 27, 2012

big bang theory - siri in real life

I thought this was cute, and sexy as hell at the same time. What if the iphone assistant were real?

Her real name is Becky O’Donohue

front or back bra? hand-me-downs?

What is your preference? I typically buy / get-bras-from-the-wife as rear closure, but recently my wife bought a new front closing bra she hates, so immediately it became mine. I forgot how much I like these (haven't worn one forever).

You don't have to fiddle in the back blind, or do the "close in front wearing it backwards, then fight to swivel it around, then try squeezing your arms through the loop-holes". I also kind of like the idea that the release is in front (where the boobs are), as if they were barn doors begging to be swung open.

Honestly, if the clasp were to break, that bra would pop right off.

realistic 3d printed masks

These babies aren't cheap ($4k for the first one, $800 each additional one). It seems as though they are simply generating a 3d model using photographs (photos from multiple angles can create 3d geometry by mapping points). Think microsoft photosynth. Then it would seem they are simply shelling it out to a certain thickness, and 3d printing them out. I've seen photos of what 3d printers can print in full color, and they are amazing. Of course a printer that prints these out are probably in the neighborhood of $60-$100k.

I'm guessing he's using something like autodesk's 123-catch (since this is free):

Here's a better video of a 3d head:

Keep in mind, these are "masks", but they are static (don't move). Still, it would be interesting to take multiple photos of a celebrity, and create a 3d model.. then pop out a mask and wear it around.

Anyway, here's the link:

Thursday, January 26, 2012

adding insult to injury

You sons of bitches! it's bad enough you took away my manhood, now your teasing me with a cake shaped like a penis?! I'll cut you!

swap in the middle of cumming

You... fucking bitch! I was saving that cum all week, and I didn't even get to enjoy it. That's it, your making me cum twice, get your tongue down here!

boyfriend --> girlfriend = bad idea

guy feminization party

stick out your tongue
Rub your boobs against mine
Like this?

sneaky magic ring

Where's my ring you son of a bitch! You turn me back into a guy right now!
Umm..I may have.. pawned it?

body swap in the middle of sex

What happened? Why am I staring at myself from the back? OMG, is that my dick?!

Monday, January 23, 2012

bieber makes a pretty girl

Saw a posting on femulate.. decided to photoshop my own bieber. I like justine bieber much better :-)

lesbians need a 3rd wheel

Let's turn Jake into a girl! You've been saying how you've been wanting a three-way with another girl
Snicker, your so evil jessica!
Say wha?

Haha! he's already pathetically hung. This won't be much of a challenge at all!
Please ladies, don't do this!

Just a little magic.. ala kazam! *PEEOW!*
What the hell is happening to me?!

Presto! instant vagina!
OMG!! what did you two girls do to me?!

Just lay back and relax jake.. I mean jamie, just a few more changes, like some boobs, and some longer hair. There now, your practically a lady

Mmm.. Jamie's got a pretty nice pussy here, wouldn't you agree Britney?
Mmm.. oh yea!


10 actors that have crossdressed for roles

interesting podcast segment.. have a listen

morning stream -10 actors that have crossdressed for roles by nobodyishereman

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

husband becomes lesbian lover

Wow honey, I would have thought they'd give you some decent boobs. At least your nipples are hard.

Hey, I said I wanted a shemale, you turned him into a full girl. You better be able to bring his dick back.

I guess you get the full female experience hun, let me give you a taste

Mmm, that feels good

Let's try some toys now, I'll ease this one in slowly...

WOOOOAH!! a little more slowly! Wow, that's what it feels like to have a cock in my vagina? Why don't I play with you for a while?

Mmm.. your doing a really good job down there, almost as if you know how I like to be licked..

Mm... don't stop. this is the best oral job you've ever given me. Maybe there's something to you having a clit that's allowing you to understand my sexual needs.

OMG, I think I'm gonna have a real orgasm.. Oh god honey, don't stop!

sausage fest

Dude! seriously?! Enough with that stupid magic spell ring. I thought it was just gonna be us 3 guys hanging out tonight watching football?!

Dude, there's too much testosterone in the room, I figured I'd even it out a bit. Now why don't you make that body useful and take some of those clothes off

Guys! seriously, this is ridiculous! And why do I gotta be the woman again, isn't it dave's turn to be the girl?



Oh look! Flying bras, guess you can't get dressed, too bad.
You guys are totally taking advantage of me

Oh man, is it me or does john have a really nice ass this time?
Yea man, I really used my imagination this time and gave him a nice looking ass this time, glad you like it.

If I had known this is how I was going to spend my Saturday night, I woulda just stayed home

CEO to secretary

What the hell did you do to me? A spell? I'm really supposed to believe you changed me into a woman through magic? You want me to what? Take my jacket off and show you my boobs? No fucking way, I already feel vulnerable with clothes on. Your going to fire me?! I own this fucking company! You wouldn't! You'd throw me into the street? Fuck, I guess you got me there, not like anyone is going to believe this story. Fine, I'll show you my boobs.

There, you fucking happy? Here's my boobs, now can you change me back? Pull them out? God your a sick fuck. Fine, let me figure out how to take this bra off.

There, get a good view.. In fact, why don't you take a picture it'll last longer. Yo, up here. Are you listening to me?

Ya know, I don't have a bad body for a broad this age. I guess I'm sort of a MILF. Huh? What?!! You want me to do what? I am NOT sucking your dick!

Holy shit, your HUGE! What a minute, what am I saying? I'm a man, I shouldn't even be interested in this. Oh what the hell, let me at least touch it. Oh my god, it feels so good in my hand. Why am I salvating? I really am under your spell, I... I can't help myself.

Fine, you win. I'll suck your cock. Oh my god, it feels so good in my mouth, I can't wait to make you cum

swapping bodies with co-worker

OMG! I can't believe I'm in susan's body! I have to take some photographs, this is too good to pass up this opportunity. In fact, I think I need to dig down a little deeper.

Yeaahh.. that's what I'm talking about. I gotta upload these to my flickr account just in case she finds these photos and deletes them. Heck, as long as I'm down to underwear, why not go all the way?

Oh yea, that's what a pussy feels like. Mmm, I might have to do a little more than just take photographs. I think a little masterbation is in order.. Now where's that video setting on this camera?

you can pick your friends but you can't pick your girlfriend

Yes! the spell from this book worked!
Hey, what the hell happened to me? Why do I have long hair? what's going on?

Look John, I'm horny and your going to take care of me!
Dude, I'm your best friend. You know how sick this is? Get off of me!

The quicker you suck my dick, the quicker this can be over and I can change you back
Ewww! No way man, I'm not going to suck your cock!