Friday, January 27, 2012

realistic 3d printed masks

These babies aren't cheap ($4k for the first one, $800 each additional one). It seems as though they are simply generating a 3d model using photographs (photos from multiple angles can create 3d geometry by mapping points). Think microsoft photosynth. Then it would seem they are simply shelling it out to a certain thickness, and 3d printing them out. I've seen photos of what 3d printers can print in full color, and they are amazing. Of course a printer that prints these out are probably in the neighborhood of $60-$100k.

I'm guessing he's using something like autodesk's 123-catch (since this is free):

Here's a better video of a 3d head:

Keep in mind, these are "masks", but they are static (don't move). Still, it would be interesting to take multiple photos of a celebrity, and create a 3d model.. then pop out a mask and wear it around.

Anyway, here's the link:

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