Wednesday, January 18, 2012

sausage fest

Dude! seriously?! Enough with that stupid magic spell ring. I thought it was just gonna be us 3 guys hanging out tonight watching football?!

Dude, there's too much testosterone in the room, I figured I'd even it out a bit. Now why don't you make that body useful and take some of those clothes off

Guys! seriously, this is ridiculous! And why do I gotta be the woman again, isn't it dave's turn to be the girl?



Oh look! Flying bras, guess you can't get dressed, too bad.
You guys are totally taking advantage of me

Oh man, is it me or does john have a really nice ass this time?
Yea man, I really used my imagination this time and gave him a nice looking ass this time, glad you like it.

If I had known this is how I was going to spend my Saturday night, I woulda just stayed home

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