Thursday, February 28, 2013

restraining... fantasizing... crossdressing

So in the last month or so, I've been on a bad cycle.  I've been masterbating, sometimes more than anyone should.  I don't know if it's the male in me (ahh, just get it overwith.. or the "your only cheating yourself if you don't jerk one off"), or if I'm trying to avoid my feelings by removing the urges?

Probably in the past week, I've been holding back.  I watch porn, I read fantasies.. heck, I'm dressed in a frilly maid outfit as I type this

I think is due to 2 things:
1. This video (which talks about really doing some self discovery and figuring out what you want to be).  She actually has a lot of great personal story and advice videos:

And this blog posting by Amnesia sparkles, who talks about how crossdressing can completely change your outlook, how you feel, how you act, the release of endorphins, etc etc which I'm finding out to be very true:

holy high heels!!

So I was window shopping (in my browser), and I came across these on ebay.  Apparently someone from poland sells REALLY high (8.5") heels, and they go up to size 16 US.
The same seller also sells these interesting transparent heels (one in translucent red)

Ebay 1
Ebay 2

Latest fantasy bouncing in my head

Lately this is the fantasy that's been playing in my head.  It's sort of like "the great shift", except instead of people swapping bodies with the nearest person, every person on earth flips genitals.. Meaning boys don't become complete girls, but they get boobs and a vagina. Girl's butts and hips don't get any smaller, but they grow a cock and loose their boobs.

In other words, the body shapes don't change, hair doesn't change length, just the genitals change.  So imagine the wave hits, and you're with your girlfriend about to go to sleep.

Your bodies change, and your girlfriend looks at you with a smile because she has her first erection and the feeling is so strange yet so good at the same time.  She looks deep into thought
Then you look down at your own body, shocked by the breasts staring back at you.  You feel down at your crotch to realize your cock is missing

You stick a couple fingers in your new vagina, not being able to comprehend this foreign feeling

Just then your girlfriend slinks over to you and begins rubbing her hard cock on your pussy, and it's turning you on in ways you've never felt before

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

10 years till we map the brain

There's been plenty of research, techniques talked about.  Everything from building a computer to track the position/trajectory/velocity of each individual molecole in a brain in one single snapshot, to cryogenically freezing a brain and slicing one layer off at a time and scanning it.  If you follow Ray Kurzweil at all, he has the aspirations to live long enough to live forever (singularity).  In essence, he wants to live long enough for someone to invent life extension, and then eventually immortality (as technology progresses).

It's one thing to have aspirations to want to map the brain, it's something totally different for the government to step in and say "WE WILL MAP THE BRAIN IN 10 YEARS".  I haven't heard a statement like this since the kennedy years.  He knew we needed to beat the russians in the space race, and he made it a goal to beat them.. He threw his hat into the ring as it were

Of course, there's money in it (just like the space program gave us).  Mapping the brain leads to solving the mysteries diseases we cannot solve involving the brain.  Of course there's potentially other things it could lead to, like mapping any brain.. and then copying it, and making a backup.. and possibly, moving that data into a new brain, inside a new body.. I.E. body transfer at last!

scream and shout

I really hate this song.  It was interesting at first, typical beats.  Then after hearing it about 3-4 times on the radio, you realize not only how auto-tuned it is, but how much of it is horribly sampled.  Then you watch the video and realize is either bragging, or product placing, or both, and you just want to punch him in the face

I really dig this parody, not only does it have a drag britney, it speaks exactly how I feel about this dumb video

Man, now that's a real shame when folks be throwing away a perfectly good whiteboy

This quote is of course from a great 80's movie entitled "better off dead"
I preface this to break up a morbid subject, when pretty girls die.  Like you, you might be thinking what I'm thinking.  The selfish thought of "what a waste of a female body".

I'm of course talking about the recent death of model Reeva Steenkamp (allegedly murdered by her double amputee athlete boyfriend)

And Mindy McCready committing suicide.

So many cross dreamers wishing they could be pretty like that, and both of these beautiful ladies are gone from this earth for good.

Friday, February 15, 2013

rule 63

I had no idea memes were categorized so well?  Apparently the meme for gender bending is rule 63:

This specifically applies to "for every character, there exists the same character in the opposite gender".

If you type this into google images, you'll get some interesting returns:

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

barbie makeover

Even for a toy, this is pretty interesting.  It gives you the ability to do real-time digital makeup (that tracks with your face, not still photo).

Barbie Makeup from Gizmodo on Vimeo.

projection dress

In case you missed the grammy's, carrie underwood wore a silver dress and had 2 projectors essentially create movies onto her dress. It was more than cool technology, it was actually very pretty with the art they chose (especially with the graphics matching it in the background).  They've been projecting onto buildings for years, I'm surprised this is the first time I've seen someone do it on clothing.

Monday, February 11, 2013

quagmire becomes a girl?

Thought this was interesting on FG last night.  It followed the typical fictionmania storyline to a tee.  Sexist man ends up becoming a girl to learn a lesson about what it's like to be a woman, though it ends with him having fun in the end.

Have a watch:

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

stem cells - 3d printer

I try to keep up with all technology, even bio (as most gadget blogs do too).  I'm not sure if this is significant (tech writers often gloss over things and make them sound better than they really are).  This gizmodo article talks about being able to control where the cells end up (not so much creating stem cells from scratch, they are taking pre-existing stem cells).  Of course the whole issue is that unless we can grow our own stem cells, those in control of ethics say we can't play around with them (I.E. extract them from a body).  That still doesn't discount this article.  What it's saying is that they were able to take stem cells (something very generic like a "stem cell"), and forming it into any tissue type (and shape).  It's sort of like taking a basic building block like carbon, and popping out a steel rod, and a diamond, and a length of super-strong graphene.

Why is this signifigant?  Well, imagine if you had a stock of stem cells (let's say we figure out a way to grow our own).  Now you stick that into a cartridge, and you 3d print (not only filling a specific very precisely controlled shape, but allowing those cells to become any cell the body produces).   Well then you have the ability (in theory) to recreate anything in the body.  Lost limbs, cancerous sections of the body, perhaps a new chunk of brain that has a tumor?  If you had an adaptable printer (one that could scan the body and adjust as needed), you would be doing more than just printing out chunks of flesh.  You could in theory print directly onto that part of the body.  Heck, you could have a robotic surgeon slice that part out (tiny hunks on a molecular level), and print the new section as needed.

Of course you know where I'm going with this.  You want boobs?  Scan your chest, take that 3d data, mold the shape you want, let the robots figure out how much stem cell juice it needs and how to lay those cells down, and off it goes.  You want a fully functioning vagina?  No sweat, after some heavy sedatives, you'll fall asleep and wake up a day later with a new sex organ.

Decided to google this theory, seems someone else is on the same page as me (this was written two years ago).  It states that they believe by 2020 we will have such ability

Have you ever went to work as a man one day, and a woman the next?  You will! and the company that will bring it to you?  AT&T

AT&T Reference

Monday, February 4, 2013

Steven tyler shows up to american idol in drag

Ya gotta love that man!  They of course played "dude looks like a lady" which was inevitable.