Monday, October 22, 2012

photoshop for video

Photoshopping photos is one thing.  Imagine being able to photoshop a single frame of video, and then letting the computer do all the rest of the frames for you?  Better yet, imagine doing this to 4k video (4 times the resolution of DVD).  There's a software company that is showing off it's software:

Granted, this short 3 minute video took days to render (and I'm not even sure if that's a desktop, high-end desktop, server farm, what?).. But I would imagine if I'm just doing web quality video (say 320 x 200), I might be able to render a short one minute video.  You know where I'm going with this right?  I could film myself in drab, photoshop a single frame (clean up skin, add makeup), then let the computer finish off the frames.

I am curious how far this could take it.  I mean I'm sure it couldn't let fill in accessories (jewelry, hair), that would require it to recreate a 3d object.  I think this is simply mapping a skin surface and stretching/tilting as needed.  Not that it's an easy task, but that's just it's limitations.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Willam Belli on CSI

You know who she is.  The famous (almost as famous as Ru Paul) drag queen you see here and there, mostly online.  I think I've seen her on CSI before (when grissom was still around), and last week she showed up again in a coffeehouse mass shooting scene.  When she popped up, I'm like "I know her!", and then my wife is like "oh yea, we've seen her before in stuff", which always feels good.  Here's an animated gif of her dead body lying on the floor

Thursday, October 11, 2012

national coming out day


It's funny, I never remember this date until I start to see gay friends and gay supporters start tweeting about it... Then I think "wow, has a whole year gone by already?"... Then I think "Hmmm, maybe today is the day I should come out", then I think "My life is already stressful enough, I don't need to add this", then I think "yea, probably a good decision, especially with social media so searchable" (worry sets in about my blog).

Part of me thinks, what would be the point in coming out?  I mean, would I truly have a feeling of relief?  Like what I be like "ugh, finally I can be myself!".  It's not like I would come out to co-workers (not where I work), so it would really be to friends, perhaps family (if it leaked that far).  But then what?  It's not like I crossdress in public, heck it seems like I haven't crossdressed at home in like a few months.  So as a person that is so far seperated from the LGBT community, do I even have a right to come out?  I really wonder about that.  I mean is being a crossdreamer really a legitimate thing to come out with?