Friday, January 24, 2014

great idea - poorly executed (3d printed nails)

I love this idea.  Fake nails really aren't that complicated, hell I created my own out of 1/16th" aluminum when I was 17 (hey I was bored and always had a knack for making my own crap).  A nail is simply a curved surface with a shape.  Seriously, wait for a followup to this posting, I'm gonna model one in 3d.

Anyway, looking through the site, I don't like any of the designs they made.  Seriously what is this creepy stuff?  Don't you think the first thing you'd do if you could print any shape onto a nail be something like, I don't know, some flowers built into the nail?  Maybe some lips?

Anyway, check them out.  Great concept, bad designs:

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Oculus rift lets you swap genders...

Well kinda sorta.  This experiment has been done a few years ago with crude video glasses where a couple mimics each others moves.  What makes this just a bit more realistic is the fact that oculus rift does stereoscopic images, which means it looks very 3D.  I'm sure this gives quite the believable effect.  The video has some nudity