Tuesday, October 20, 2015

youtubable gender pranks

So I stumbled on this youtube channel today.  He's got a lot of videos on call of duty where he pretends to be a girl, even teasing the guys sexually.  I don't really like this sort of prank, especially when they accuse the guy they just teased of being a homo for being tricked into thinking he was a girl.  He does however do some chat roulette videos where he gets positive reactions, and he isn't mean about it when he reveals he's really a guy.  This is one of the more recent ones:

Then he also does this video where he starts off as a guy, then pretends he's really a girl transitioning into a guy:

More than anything, I guess I just love to hear how well some people can bend the gender of their voice.  This guy can do it very fluidly, like mid sentence.

Monday, October 19, 2015

I don't normally blantantly post porn links but...

So I do keep a folder of interesting videos I find as I.. browse.  Sometimes I'll go back a few months later, find that the video has been deleted because of copywright violations (I'm actually quite amazed that so many videos can get posted to free sites).  But then I came across this one I saved which is quite enjoyable.  It's a 6 minute video of a pretty blonde that is tied up, sitting on a sybian (those vibrators that look like cushy half barrels).  Whoever is running it ramps up, and keeps it nearly full blast through most of the video and she cums multiple times.  What makes the video so enjoyable to me is not just that she's forced to cum so many times, but that her orgasms sound so authentic, particularly those little high pitched chirps (WEEoohh!).  In fact it makes me a bit jealous that she can scream that high.  Anyway, have a watch, hope you enjoy it as much as I did.