Tuesday, October 20, 2015

youtubable gender pranks

So I stumbled on this youtube channel today.  He's got a lot of videos on call of duty where he pretends to be a girl, even teasing the guys sexually.  I don't really like this sort of prank, especially when they accuse the guy they just teased of being a homo for being tricked into thinking he was a girl.  He does however do some chat roulette videos where he gets positive reactions, and he isn't mean about it when he reveals he's really a guy.  This is one of the more recent ones:

Then he also does this video where he starts off as a guy, then pretends he's really a girl transitioning into a guy:

More than anything, I guess I just love to hear how well some people can bend the gender of their voice.  This guy can do it very fluidly, like mid sentence.

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