Tuesday, September 20, 2011

real-time face substitution

This is pretty amazing stuff (even if it is rough right now), it surely has serious potential. Looks like it only runs on mac, and it's raw code (not something you can install easily), but hopefully someone will take this to the next level.

I'm lovin the marylin monroe and paris hilton face :-)

Faces from arturo castro on Vimeo.

Friday, September 9, 2011

female POV porn (NSFW)

Ok, so we've seen plenty of porn where the guy has the camera, looking down at the girl giving him a blowjob. A dime a dozen you might say. Sometimes you'll get a guy wearing a helmet cam going down on a girl. What if you have fantasies of being a girl, and want that point of view? There's like one site, and it's all the same girl, and she treats the guys like crap (and they do all the work, so you see a lot of her pointing the camera down at the guy licking her pussy, or her insulting him as he's pushing his cock into her). Here's an example:

I've yet (until recently) to run into a single porn where it's the female perspective giving a hand/blowjob. I just happened to run across one that has a short scene of exactly what I describe.

I'm not really sure why this isn't filmed more? Is it because girls don't get off on watching POV porn? All I know is that I wish there were more like this out there

Monday, September 5, 2011

happy 65th birthday, freddy mercury

That is of course.. if he were still alive. oh well, it's still fun to celebrate a great musician

Google has done a doodle of him:

And who can forget this great video:

Also watch a queen concert in it's entirety today:

Friday, September 2, 2011

model / comedian

I was listening to the harland highway (harland williams podcast), and he had a friend / guest on his show named amber rachelle coyle. I was really digging her comedy on the show because she really seemed like a tomboy that could hang with the guys. I'm thinking "well, she sounds sorta sexy and fun, but I bet she doesn't look all that great. Typical "I was born with comedy, not looks department", but then I looked her up.. Holy shit she's gorgeous!

Started browsing through her site:

Looks like she's a model first, and now wants to get into comedy. Probably not a bad idea for something to fall back on. Lord knows models have a short life-span. I say good for her, do what you love. There's obvious reasons why tomboys (who are also pretty) are such a turn-on.. I can imagine a transgender woman having some of the same traits. Desire to be beautiful, but still have that masculine personality.

You can hear more of her farting and burping on the podcast:

Also check out this stand-up clip (where she starts out wearing a tie t-shirt and bending over showing her butt-crack like a plumber

double life

I was thinking the other day, that we as trans-folk really live double lives (especially those of us who keep this side of our lives private). It's not unlike the movie true lies. You know, that arnold Schwarzenegger film where he's really works for the CIA, but his wife thinks he has a boring job
selling computers.

Reason this came up is because a friend on facebook was looking for where to buy a good (and cute) apron. I nearly immediately jumped on and commented to say "oh there's great ones on ebay", then realized "wait, I can't do that. Wouldn't she find it odd that a man would know where to buy a fairly obscure item like that?" Then I sort of frumped because it was one of those moments where I really wanted to be part of the conversation, but knew doing so would reveal too much. Scuse me while I slip into my double agent uniform.