Friday, September 2, 2011

double life

I was thinking the other day, that we as trans-folk really live double lives (especially those of us who keep this side of our lives private). It's not unlike the movie true lies. You know, that arnold Schwarzenegger film where he's really works for the CIA, but his wife thinks he has a boring job
selling computers.

Reason this came up is because a friend on facebook was looking for where to buy a good (and cute) apron. I nearly immediately jumped on and commented to say "oh there's great ones on ebay", then realized "wait, I can't do that. Wouldn't she find it odd that a man would know where to buy a fairly obscure item like that?" Then I sort of frumped because it was one of those moments where I really wanted to be part of the conversation, but knew doing so would reveal too much. Scuse me while I slip into my double agent uniform.

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