Monday, January 31, 2011

boob gasp!

fictionmania comes to my dream

Had a dream last night that I was in some hotel (perhaps a disneyland of sorts), and I went to some stranger's room, where I was transformed into a woman. I left the room, and started exploring the park as a woman, amazed I was passing and nobody blinked an eye. Then the scary part set in, I was lost. I also wasn't remembering what room I was in that transformed me. I don't know if it was because my memories were being adjusted to my new body or what, but I was not going to transform back. Now while being stuck in a female body in of itself isn't so terrible, the terrible part was that I had no ID. I had no money, no way of proving who I was, even if I somehow miraculously got back home, who was I? I couldn't go back to work, I couldn't find another job since my degree now didn't match who I was, I couldn't drive (my driver's license didn't match now). It really sort of freaked me out.

Again, be careful what you wish for. And maybe the fantasy is just that, a fantasy. We don't really desire for this to happen in real life, we need that off button. And perhaps this is why there exists sex-change regret. Many people believe it's what they want, but in reality they realize it isn't.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

google image search "boob squeeze"

This one gave me some pretty good results:

"No way those are real John, let me feel.. Holy crap, they ARE real!"

"OMG boobs feel so weird, they sag so much. How am I ever going to pass as a guy again?"

"Wha? What did you do to my body? Where's my penis?"

Don't be so shy, all I did was turn you into a hot chick

"You didn't do such a good job of making me a woman, these boobs are totally unproportionate to the rest of my body. They don't even fit inside this dress!"

"That magic ring gave me perfect boobs, just look at these!"

"Why are these so heavy? It's killing my back already!"

"Carl! Stop squeezing my boobs, you have a set of your own to play with dammit!"

"Now that's what I'm talking about!"
..............."My boobs are so perfect!"
......................................."OMG guys, when you said come over to have some fun, I had no idea you meant this!"

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Crossdresser on "keith and the girl" podcast

This is from a while back (perhaps a year?), but it's very interesting, enlightening, and entertaining. I can't remember what episode, but I did edit the show and save the snippet. If you wanna have a listen, download it here:

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

be who you are!

Saw this posted on

A mother named Jennifer Carr not only accepted her son's desire to dress and live as a girl, but she wrote a children's book to help her other son understand the situation, and it may help other parents deal with their own transgender issues:

I love reading stories like this, not only does it feel good when people can help others, but books like this make it more normal to be transgender.

what's really in the meat at taco bell?

So I've been reading about how taco bell is getting attacked for their meat not being 100% meat (gee, big surprise people. How else do you think your buying that taco for 79 cents?). If you read carefully, I believe it's meat parts (normal for fast food), and then it has some soy and other fillers in it.

Of course wouldn't it be more interesting if they were hiding something else inside of it, like disposing of expired estrogen by adding it to the meat mixture?

"2 years ago I used to be a guy. I've been eating taco bell everyday for years, and strangely I don't feel like myself anymore. I wish I knew what did this!"

Monday, January 24, 2011

reverse penis pump

He thinks we're trying out a new automated penis pump. Little does he know this is going to shove his penis inward and create a vagina. Let's see how he likes that feeling between his legs.

pinup girl

So I'm watching a recent CSI episode, and it was about a decendant (daughter) of some gangsters that got framed and sent to the chair, so she decides to avenge her grandfathers and kill the grandsons that killed them. Of course that's besides the point, the point is that the daughter shares the same 50's pinup look of her grandmother, and I thought she was gorgeous. Not since demi moore have I seen someone pull off a decent pinup girl look. The actress' name is Dita Von Teese0

Sunday, January 23, 2011

soccer in heels

Just saw this video this morning. It's hard enough walking in them, but playing soccer? dam!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

craigslist is no place to find other crossdressers

So I've been looking for probably the last year and a half. I did meetup with one person, but they were feeling ill at the time, so it didn't go very far. Here's the breakdown of craigslist as I see it:

50% - Post ads thinking they want to meet, in actuality have no guts to actually follow through (or they've masterbated so the feeling is gone)
30% - Can't host, so they are in the same situation I'm in
20% - Are picture collectors that have no intention of meeting

I've tried dating sites (of which none I've found cater to the TG world, except which is incredibly expensive). I've tried creating a profile on thinking that might strike up a conversation with someone. NADA

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

am I crazy?

Most days I can keep my transgender thoughts at bay, other times I feel like they REALLY distract me. Like I'll be at work trying to work on something, and suddenly I'll imagine what it would be like if I had french manicured nails right now. Focus back on work, then "I wish I were wearing a dress right now, maybe a business suit?" Then a quote from the movie zoolander pops in my head "I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!"

I read a lot of blogs, and there seems to be consistency with many feeling crazy, that they have issues (as anyone should) trying to balance feelings for both genders. I've even read one blog that claims they take a very low dose (as prescribed by their doctor) of estrogen to sort of balance things out without affecting their body too much by it's effects (which I've considered). Sometimes I feel like I'm so fucked in the head.

po box

I don't know about many of you, but when I became a teenager (and still lived at home), a PO box became my best friend. Much like the anonymity of the internet, a PO box allowed me to keep my transgender side of my life separate and private. It allowed me to place mail orders and not having to worry about a box from Lane Bryant showing up on my doorstop. I remember signing up for it, giddy with excitement thinking about how I could order anything I wanted, and not be judged. I requested my first catalog (don't remember if I did it on the internet, or stole a catalog from my mom's place). As soon as I got my first catalog, I placed an order right away. I remember the first thing I bought, a polyester black dress (which I still have today), and a pair of 3/4" heels. I'll never forget that first time I slipped that dress over my head in the bathroom, the feeling of it wrapping around my body. It didn't take long before I was buying all sorts of things, from lingerie to pink stretchy pants. I remember making a special trip at least every other day, more often if I thought a package was on it's way. Typically I was showing up late at night, so I didn't even have the embarrassment of other's watching over my shoulder. In a way, it's sad that all of us feel so judged, whether we actually are or not.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

kelsey grammer crossdresses? *UPDATE*

That might explain this fall, clearly he was wearing high heels :-)

Update: he not only crossdresses, he makes love dressed as a woman, and uses toys. Never liked Kelsey (always found him pompous), but now that I know the real him I sorta like him

Monday, January 10, 2011

reverse wedding couple

Why renew your vowels as yourselves? Do something different, spice up your marriage, try our body swapping service and see a wedding from the other side of the fence for a change. Guys, imagine all the attention you'll be getting with the bouquet toss and the garter belt challenge!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

the great shift always creates confusion and anger

"HEY! how'd you get my body?"
"I don't know man, I was about to ask you the same question"

"Seriously!! How'd you get my body??!! I want it back!!"
"Dude, I would if I could, now stop grabbing onto me!"

trapped in a grandmothers body

"OMG, I'm so old! Couldn't I have swapped bodies with a cute blonde in her early 20's during the great shift? I mean come on! Of course, it's still a female body, if you know what I mean"

"Hmmm, for an old lady, she still has some pretty nice pert tits. Let's see what else we can find"

"Oh yea, we've got bush. This aint bad at all!"

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

orgasm face

"Hey! why did you swap bodies? No way your stealing my orgasm, I've been saving up all week for this!"

"What the hell? What was in that salad? I just totally turned into a woman!"

"Woah, my hair is so long! will you get a load of this?"

"Oh DAMMIT! this is the worst time for someone to slip a magic pill in my food, I have an important meeting after lunch!"

"Well this is the LAST time I come to this restaurant!"

"I'll have what HE'S having"