Saturday, October 29, 2011

female reporter sounds male

This isnt' a dub. The female reporter decided to be funny off camera and lip-synch along with the male reporter by reading off the teleprompter. Makes for an interesting video

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

another one of those body swap stories

Nice to meet you!
Not as nice to meet you.. Just watch what happens!

Holy shit! How did I get in your body?! I have boobs!
Yea, and now I have your cock. I think I'll play with it, I miss bein a dude

Dude seriously? Your just gonna whip it out and start stroking it? I wouldn't even do that.
Like your not curious about my body over there. Why don't you try playing with it.
Fine, whatever

Holy cow, my cock looks so much bigger in this tiny little body
Yea, why don't you stroke it for me

*giggle* this feels all sorts of wrong. I mean, I'm holding onto my cock, and yet it's not even attached to me

(Oh what the hell, I might as well enjoy this. Mmm, I can get a real good grip from this angle)

Dude, are you about to pop? You better warn me, I'm gonna be seriously pissed if you squirt cum on me

Oh gross dude, you got cum all over my hands. Can you hand me a towel or something?

no such thing as pink???

Oh heavens this can't be!!!

high heels for men on the rise?

Saturday, October 15, 2011


Lex luther had finally figured out how to defeat superman.. Make him a woman


God.. please turn me back into a guy. Wishing to be a girl was a really stupid wish now that it actually happened. I have no identification, no job, this is the worst thing I could have possibly wished for.


Son of a bitch! according to this contract I'm stuck as a woman for another 2 months?!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

what's in my water?

Saw this on my way home today

I don't know what's in my water, but I know what's in your water... estrogen :-) Your repair guy looks like a girl now

and we wonder why some women feel entitled

this is the epitamy of how this world turns out snotty bitches. Some buyer at JcPenney thought this was a good shirt to sell in their stores:

Thankfully it got pulled. Beauty should be embraced, not used as a bargaining chip. Read more about it here:

jimmy fallon, forever in drag

This time he spoofs every political campaign, including michele bachmann. Give it a watch

Friday, October 7, 2011

woman driving my car

This ever happen to you? your driving along, you look in your rear view mirror. You see a woman driving a car behind you.. the same car you are. Then the fantasy kicks in, you start imagining that she's really you. Some supernatural force turned you into a woman, and yet you drive along in your car as if nothing happened. This is your new life, in your new body. yea.. that happened to me yesterday driving home