Tuesday, October 18, 2011

another one of those body swap stories

Nice to meet you!
Not as nice to meet you.. Just watch what happens!

Holy shit! How did I get in your body?! I have boobs!
Yea, and now I have your cock. I think I'll play with it, I miss bein a dude

Dude seriously? Your just gonna whip it out and start stroking it? I wouldn't even do that.
Like your not curious about my body over there. Why don't you try playing with it.
Fine, whatever

Holy cow, my cock looks so much bigger in this tiny little body
Yea, why don't you stroke it for me

*giggle* this feels all sorts of wrong. I mean, I'm holding onto my cock, and yet it's not even attached to me

(Oh what the hell, I might as well enjoy this. Mmm, I can get a real good grip from this angle)

Dude, are you about to pop? You better warn me, I'm gonna be seriously pissed if you squirt cum on me

Oh gross dude, you got cum all over my hands. Can you hand me a towel or something?

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