Sunday, May 30, 2010

found another body swap porno

Don't know how I stumbled upon this, but there's a porno called "in the jeans" from 1990 where a couple finds a monkey paw, and the wife makes a wish to switch bodies to see how the other half lives, and they both wake up to find it to be true

Wow, I have a cock now!
OMG! I have boobs!

Hey! That's my cock!
Well it's my cock now! *smirk*

You can watch a 4 minute clip here:

Quite tempted to actually buy a copy of it.

blah blah blah

First off, I just want to say I'm amazed I have 58 followers, I guess someone likes my work.
Secondly, it amuses me how many comments I get in chinese. The last comment I got (translated), says:

"The adult shares the video, chats free xanthic film watching to make friends underage the Japanese av female superior sexy beautiful woman adult movie free download to photograph surreptitiously the adult to paste the chart to stand 6k chatroom Taiwan to like the piece appeal pasting person area 18 free on-line Taiwan US young girl autodyne a piece of free disc cinema city a piece of tutor elder sister h deviation sentiment color in May a daylight true colors sentiment short film sexy beautiful woman adult night of sentiment free movie to download 383 perfect women video and music beautiful woman video perfect woman spicy younger sister adult net person wife ripe female bt Europe and America ripe female to do likes the video doing likes the stewardess a piece of a chart pasting the chart net sentiment color stayed-cable bridge 85cc free cinema city lengthy picture 18 to endure the breeze adult toot toot toward the www.777 skinCard Qiu Tietu the help hands over the outline to stand toot toot sweetheart net steel pipe av female sorrow Hong master video and music hall big milk av the female superior gogosexy game to download rapes the feminine sexual climax harem not to have the code sentiment color network limiting stage novel author 0204 adult movie appreciation not to have code sexual affection Lin Zhiling to be exposed"

I have no idea what that's supposed to mean?

On a side note, I do have a twitter account. I don't post much there, but if I get some followers maybe I will:

And now for a short caption...

I'm telling you, it's totally a female mask. I know it looks real, but I'm serious. You don't believe me? Watch, I'll stick my finger underneath the mask. See?!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Had a female guest over

So one of my wife's friends (I suppose you could say she's a friend of mine too) came over the other day. We ordered some dinner in, and I was busy with work (brought the laptop home and started working on stuff). She noticed how long my hair had gotten (no joke, it's probably a good 14-16" long, been growing it for like 2 years now).

So out of the blue, as she often does, she makes a comment. It's "I just wanna braid your hair", to which my immediate response (in my head) is "ooh ooh, will you please?". If my memory serves me right, she knows about my cross dressing. Yes, I could have said "go ahead", but something just didn't feel right about getting a cheap thrill from a friend.
Something that I haven't thought about in a while, was the last time a woman DID braid my hair (other than my wife). I think the last and only time a woman braided my hair was in high school. Now back then it wasn't nearly as long as it is now (ironically), but I had some length. It was a semi-mullet (shorter on the sides, short on top, shoulder length in back). I remember I was in drafting class, and one of the girls just felt like braiding my hair (in class mind you). I said sure, so she yanked the rubber band out and started seperating my hair into 3 strands. Now it wasn't a french braid mind you (I don't know that I had the hair to anyway), but it still felt good feeling my hair braided up.

Of course with this interaction and subtle femminization offering, what does my mind do but push that fantasy to the maximum envelope, and twist it into a typical fictionmania story.. One of which where she gets a hold of a medallion, and sneaks it around my neck as she rubs her shirt against it.

Why are you putting this necklace on me? It's not even that great looking.
Oh just wait and you'll see!

Holy crap! I look just like you!
Yea I know, that's what that medallion does! It changes your body to whatever clothing I rub against it, so now your my twin.

Hey, who invited this guy over here? I don't know if I like being so exposed like this in front of him.
Oh don't mind her Johnny, She's just a little shy.

Seriously Jessica, I don't know if I can go through with this?
Shut up and just follow my lead. Johnny has been wanting to do it with twins all of his life, and your not going to screw this up for me!

So I just suck his dick like this?
That's it! Now while you do that, I'm going to lick his balls!

Oh god, he's shooting his load into her mouth, and I'm probably next!
Mmmm, your cum tastes so good. Now don't waste it all on me, give my twin sister some too!
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Sunday, May 23, 2010

more virtual technology

I was pretty blown away when I saw this today. I've seen tracking of the body (see earlier posts), I've seen augmented reality (using a patterned card to track a piece of paper and make a 3d object pop out), but I've yet to see anything track the complexity of the hands and fingers... Until now:

The very idea that someone has taken a multi-colored glove to track position and rotation of the hand and fingers, thereby completely eliminating the need for expensive hardware (a cheap webcam, $1 multicolored lycra gloves, and the computer your already on).

So now imagine, your whole body is tracked, right down to individual fingers.. You step in front of your TV, and you see a completely 3d rendered female, moving just as you move. You look down, and you see that you now have long fingernails matching your every move

You hold your virtual hands up to your beautiful face because you can't believe technology has come so far

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The great genital shift

This is similiar to the great shift on fictionmania, but instead of people in close proximity switching bodies, they only switch genitals.

"Woah, my crotch feels funny. I feel really strong pressure on my vagina, something's not right!"

"OMG, what's happening to me?!! This is so painful, what the hell is poking out of my body??!"

"HOLY SHIT!! How did a cock just grow out of me? This is crazy!"

"Oooh, it looks like you have a pussy now, and I have the cock.. hmm, I have a nasty idea" *smirk*

"Bend over, I want to shove this cock into your pussy. Let's see how you like it for a change!"

Autogynaphelia guilt

I think we've all felt this at least once in our lives. Reading Jack Molay's most recent posting on trans gender embarrassment:

For some reason this really hit me a little hard, and invoked me to think about who I am as a person, and what autogynaphelia really is. In essence, in it's most rawest form it's a kink. It really is no different than BSDM, foot fetishes, etc. I mean when you really break it down, those of us who experience this have developed this skill, this frame of mind by practicing this since our first erection, and it's ingrained into our heads. We know what excites us, and we use this as a tool. It's not that different than someone who prematurely ejaculates and thinks about baseball, our their parents having sex.

But the part that really hit me was about how many trans gendered people think of us as perverts, that we're tarnished the culture in general. I don't know how many times I read stories of some criminal dressed up in drag. How that correlates I'll never know. It's especially insulting when it's a nasty crime, like masturbating in front of children, or some other sick deed.

So now on top of the usual guilt most of us feel.. That feeling of "Why am I fantasizing about this?". It's especially guilty when you invest a lot of time in crossdressing, only to have your male ego end it by cumming. Now on top of that (even though I do this in the privacy of my own home), now I feel guilty for taking something that's a real issue (man born in the wrong body), and turning it into a fetish (not on purpose). I suppose anything that's serious that shouldn't be emulated in a bad light, can. Take something like firefighters, I'm sure their worst enemy are pyros that just enjoy staring at fires, and set fires to fulfill a need. Look at serial killers, they're basically teasing cops by making it difficult, and often creating puzzles to play a game.

So what am I trying to say here? I don't know. Sometimes I wish I didn't have this condition. Other times I'm thankful that I can flip flop between gender roles and be a complete person. I guess what I really want sometimes is for it to really be more than just sexual gratification. I have these fantasies of spending an entire weekend dressed up, and really embracing my femininity. Maybe clean the house dressed as a maid, do some sewing projects. But I know deep down it's just a fantasy, and it always ends up getting cut short. I actually used to be able to do that, to just dress up and enjoy the feelings. Maybe life got too busy, maybe I've lost the ability to just enjoy that part of it?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Better virtual avatar

Ok, just scrap what I said yesterday (I think).

After watching this demo today:

And this one:

I am convinced we no longer need to track ourselves. This is what's known as markerless tracking. What I mean is that no longer do we need to attach all those tiny white dots on our faces and bodies

Near as I can tell from the website:

It uses multiple cameras (to establish perspective) and creates a 3d model just from images. Many sites use this technique, this demo better shows how it's done:

So in essence, the computer is smart enough to pick up edges of an object by creating a silhouette, then at the same time it's texture mapping that object, and then when it's done computing, it's able to track the live object, and update the virtual 3d model.

Why do I bring all this up? Well webcams are cheap, even the HD ones. A decent one can be had for under $100. Even if you had to buy 2, 3, or 4 of them, that's considerably cheaper and less time consuming than the old way you had to do it. I'm not entirely sure if this software is automatic, or if you have to still manually match dots (from your live face to the 3d model), much in the same way you used to do when you create morphing:

Now I don't know what sort of computing power this requires to do in realtime, but this is pretty exciting. The idea that I can use just webcams to not only capture a 3d model, but update that 3d model in realtime is pretty amazing. This isn't unlike project natal for the xbox360:

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

what happened to VIRTUAL REALITY??

Virtual reality was big in the early 90's. The glasses had very low resolution (320x200 at BEST), the equipment was heavy, the tracking wasn't very good, the graphics were horrible, and it was very restrictive (not only were you in a very small cage, but you had a wire yanking a belt attached to the game). At a pricetag of $60,000, it's no wonder why it was expensive, rare, and didn't last very long.

Here's what it looked like:

Why do I bring this up? Well because that technology is 20 years old, and dammit as archaic as it was, it had lots of potential! Sure we have stuff like Second life now, but it's still not immersive. Nintendo wii attempts to solve this, but I still find that the tracking isn't very good, and just swinging your arm to control a very bad looking avatar doesn't scream virtual reality to me.

So where are we at 20 years later? well we certainly aren't in a lawnmowerman world

However, I believe we can be. Now I'm not proposing every household invest in some elaborate heavy and expensive gyroscope with wired bodysuits, but we don't have to. I remember watching MIT videos where they had this complicated wireless tracking system for VR systems, which were very expensive and limiting.

If you look at today, for instance the wii, it's effectively taking an accelerometer chip:

And then using an infared LED
and a tracker that measures how far away it is.

The Sony motion controller IS in fact a better more accurate controller because it doesn't rely on you pointing the controller at a bar, it's using a lighted ball and a camera to measure size to determine distance. That means no matter how you hold the controller (with the exception of hiding it behind your back), it always knows distance.

Let's also take a look at the capabilities of the playstation 3 engine. Take a very detailed game like heavy rain. You can tell why it took them so long to create this game, the graphic detail and interactivity is amazing:

So what I'm proposing Sony does is take a game like heavy rain (except make a game that's all about dress up, I don't care what you call it.. Call it "mall shopping" for all I care). And all it would be is you standing in front of your TV, which would actually be a mirror showing your own body (using a camera, it could do a quick scan of your body shape and try to match a pre-existing body model. It could also snap a photo of your current body and texture map that to th emodel). So now your staring back at a virtual avatar of yourself, and woah! All of the sudden the avatar changed into a woman, and your clothes changed. As you move, so does the reflection in the mirror. Your experiencing the digital version of a Transgender story.

Now keep in mind, for this to work it would need to have quite a bit of tracking. I'm going to guess at the minimum, you would need an accelerometer for each joint (2 for arms, 2 for legs, and one on top of your head to detect rotation of your head).

You wouldn't be able to articulate individual fingers at this point, but perhaps this could be solved by something simpler and less expensive than an accelerometer (I'm picturing sliding wires built into gloves, and as you curl each finger, it moves these wires, and the distance moved is detecting by an infared LED that measures movement much like a cheap laser mouse).

I want my VR like johnny pneumonic! Why are we not there yet?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sex CHANGE and the city

They were once 4 guys hanging out in the city, looking for romance. Little did they know...

They would be the ones to be romanticized!

Monday, May 17, 2010

miss america

Something I hadn't realiized.. The reaction from beauty pageants makes for pretty good captioning.. Yea, let's see what we can do with some photos

NOOOOooooo!!! I don't want to be a girl! Hee hee, get used to it, because I'm not changing you back!
Wahhh?!! What the hell? How did I become a chinese woman?
(Hmmphhh, he doesn't even appreciate womanhood, what a waste)
"What the hell just happened? One second I'm in the office, next thing I know I'm in the body of miss america just as she's getting crowned" (little did he know, the great shift just occurred)

Umm.. this is a nice gesture and all, but I'm not really miss Alabama. I'm just a stage hand, at least that's who I was before someone knocked me out

Are you freakin kidding me?!! How could my wife change me into a contestant!

Oh come on brad, it isn't that bad? Look at how pretty you get to be, we've all adjusted to being women
Here, you deserve this crown more than anyone. Your such a pussy, you think your the only one who changed into a girl? Think about all the other guys that became girls during the great shift you inconsiderate bastard!

Nooo!! I said I wanted to be president of america, NOT miss america! stupid genies!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I fucked my best friend

Hello miss, what's your name?
Dude, it's me.. Steve. I know I don't look like myself. Turns out my girlfriend is a witch, and she decided I needed to get in touch with my feminine side because I don't understand women.

Dude, NO WAY! Are you serious? Can I touch them?
Uhhh, gee I guess seeing how your already touching them. Ok ok, that's enough, it's bad enough I have to live in this body for the weekend, I don't need to get in touch with my female hormones.

Mmmph... I can't help myself, your just so hot. I just want to suck on those nipples of yours!
Dude, seriously, you have to stop. Your doing things to my body that I don't want to experience.

Let me at those nipples, your breasts are so gorgeous!
OMG, it's starting.. I'm hitting the point of no return. I can feel my first female orgasm building up inside of me.. I really wish he'd stop, or do I?

Mmm, your whole body is so smooth, I wonder what your pussy feels like
Oh god, is this seriously what the female orgasm feels like? I don't know if I could stop if I wanted to at this point, my curiousity is getting the better of me.
Let me help you out of that top of yours!
Uhh, yea sure, do whatever you want with me, I'm yours

Mmmm... laaahhhh.. that's more like it, let me squeeze your breasts and lick your nipples, your so hot!
Uhhhh... this orgasm is putting me in a trance, I feel like I'm hypnotized. I want to stop, but I don't think I could even resist at this point. Oh god, I can't take it any longer! Take off your clothes, I want your cock in me!

MMmpph.. just as soon as I get this cock nice and hard, I'm gonna ride it like a cowgirl!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


So there are many fetishists that are into masking. 99% of them look horribly fake (and a bit scary, almost in a dollish way). There's an interesting site I've visited a few times where a guy basically prints a female face (photorealistic) on a curved piece of cardboard, and although the poor quality of the webcam he's using helps filter a lot out, I will admit with his body enhancements, and using black edges to create an illusion of body shape, it's not half bad:

And then I stumbled apon this today. This is sort of taking it to the next level (jessica trance has written in his blog for a while that one day he hopes for a reasonably priced bendable OLED screen that could animate his face instead of being just a still image). They are taking someone's face (sticking through a hole with a black background), using a camera to grab a cropped image of that face, and then using a DLP projector to project that onto someone's head (who's wearing a white stocking as backdrop). Although it's skewed (software hasn't been written to adjust for skewing yet), and there's the limitation of not being able to move (perhaps with a mirror and a tracking system it could reasonably keep the image centered on the head). I mean I at least see it having somewhat potential.. That or maybe I just like seeing a female face on some dude's body. Anyway, check it out:

twoooo weeks

Sorry for the lack of updates, been fighting a nasty cold.. but now that I'm starting to feel better, I'll surely have to post some fun stuff.