Thursday, May 27, 2010

Had a female guest over

So one of my wife's friends (I suppose you could say she's a friend of mine too) came over the other day. We ordered some dinner in, and I was busy with work (brought the laptop home and started working on stuff). She noticed how long my hair had gotten (no joke, it's probably a good 14-16" long, been growing it for like 2 years now).

So out of the blue, as she often does, she makes a comment. It's "I just wanna braid your hair", to which my immediate response (in my head) is "ooh ooh, will you please?". If my memory serves me right, she knows about my cross dressing. Yes, I could have said "go ahead", but something just didn't feel right about getting a cheap thrill from a friend.
Something that I haven't thought about in a while, was the last time a woman DID braid my hair (other than my wife). I think the last and only time a woman braided my hair was in high school. Now back then it wasn't nearly as long as it is now (ironically), but I had some length. It was a semi-mullet (shorter on the sides, short on top, shoulder length in back). I remember I was in drafting class, and one of the girls just felt like braiding my hair (in class mind you). I said sure, so she yanked the rubber band out and started seperating my hair into 3 strands. Now it wasn't a french braid mind you (I don't know that I had the hair to anyway), but it still felt good feeling my hair braided up.

Of course with this interaction and subtle femminization offering, what does my mind do but push that fantasy to the maximum envelope, and twist it into a typical fictionmania story.. One of which where she gets a hold of a medallion, and sneaks it around my neck as she rubs her shirt against it.

Why are you putting this necklace on me? It's not even that great looking.
Oh just wait and you'll see!

Holy crap! I look just like you!
Yea I know, that's what that medallion does! It changes your body to whatever clothing I rub against it, so now your my twin.

Hey, who invited this guy over here? I don't know if I like being so exposed like this in front of him.
Oh don't mind her Johnny, She's just a little shy.

Seriously Jessica, I don't know if I can go through with this?
Shut up and just follow my lead. Johnny has been wanting to do it with twins all of his life, and your not going to screw this up for me!

So I just suck his dick like this?
That's it! Now while you do that, I'm going to lick his balls!

Oh god, he's shooting his load into her mouth, and I'm probably next!
Mmmm, your cum tastes so good. Now don't waste it all on me, give my twin sister some too!
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