Tuesday, May 11, 2010


So there are many fetishists that are into masking. 99% of them look horribly fake (and a bit scary, almost in a dollish way). There's an interesting site I've visited a few times where a guy basically prints a female face (photorealistic) on a curved piece of cardboard, and although the poor quality of the webcam he's using helps filter a lot out, I will admit with his body enhancements, and using black edges to create an illusion of body shape, it's not half bad:

And then I stumbled apon this today. This is sort of taking it to the next level (jessica trance has written in his blog for a while that one day he hopes for a reasonably priced bendable OLED screen that could animate his face instead of being just a still image). They are taking someone's face (sticking through a hole with a black background), using a camera to grab a cropped image of that face, and then using a DLP projector to project that onto someone's head (who's wearing a white stocking as backdrop). Although it's skewed (software hasn't been written to adjust for skewing yet), and there's the limitation of not being able to move (perhaps with a mirror and a tracking system it could reasonably keep the image centered on the head). I mean I at least see it having somewhat potential.. That or maybe I just like seeing a female face on some dude's body. Anyway, check it out:

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