Thursday, June 30, 2011

chinese male cheerleader (in uniform)

This cheerleader has balls, literally. Supposedly this is at some university in China. What makes it interesting, he isn't trying hard to pass (no makeup or wig), but dressed in uniform, and his moves are so good and his body is so thin that he hardly stands out

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

reflecting back

When I was a guy, my penis was this small. Now I have a clit that's even smaller, but at least I'm normal now


WHY AM I A GIRL?!! how did this happen??

unsatisfied customer

Really? You turn me into this porno slut bimbo? If your going to make me a girl, can I at least be a little more wholesome, not whoreish

happy customer

Oh my god I'm so happy! I love my long hair and being so girly!

couple swap

So how'd you like cumming as a guy?
I loved it, how'd you like cumming as a woman?
It was fabulous!

get suckin

you want ME to suck this cock? But I've only been a girl for like 5 minutes, couldn't I ease into this womanhood thing a little slower?

Monday, June 27, 2011


Something doesn't look right with your hair.. Is... is that a wig? Your not even a real woman are you?

Well.. you see...

don't mess with the zoltan

I'm going to yank the hair right off your scalp bitch! Turn me back into a guy right now!!

I'm going to break your neck! Hand over that magical ring RIGHT NOW!

better as a girl?

This is so awesome. As a guy, girls could care less about me. Now that I'm a hot girl, I've got men fighting over me. I feel so flattered!

pillow fight loss

Ha ha haaa! you think you can win a pillow fight just because you once used to be a guy? Your a weak girl now, and you'll do what I say now!

fight poolside

I'm going to squeeze your boob until it falls off if you don't change me back into a guy. This bikini is killing me!

guy to callgirl

Where's that magic spell book, I'm tired of being a call girl!

CEO to secretary

Listen bitch, turn me back into a man right now, I'm sick of this! Ever since you turned me into a girl, my boss has demoted me to secretary!

*whack!*, take this elbow to the face! Don't think you can just boss me around, you don't have the strength you once had.

New to makeup

Erp! this makeup thing isn't as easy as I thought. How do women figure this out?

indecent proposal

No fucking way, I'm not gonna be your girlfriend dude. We're best friends, this is awkward as it is!


Woah! being a male ginger is bad enough, now I'm a female redhead?!!

who am I?

I was a man last night, who's body am I in?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

brain memory expansion - for reals! (warning - this is science)

I read this article, and dozens of scenarios flooded my head.

In a nutshell, with a rat, they were able to implant a memory via a digital version of their memory cell. They flipped the switch, rat remembers. Flip it off, rat forgets.

They plan to try monkeys next, which of course could very well reach (within ethical limits) human testing.

So if our memories are what makes us what we are, and those memories could be saved (and transferred), what's to say it's not like the matrix? Download a program, and "I know kung-fu!"

Now let's go beyond combat. Let's say useful everyday stuff. My car breaks, do I call the mechanic, or do I download the latest chilton manual that applies to my car and fix it myself?

Now let's talk serious usefulness. I'm a crossdresser that sucks at makeup, I have no idea how to style my hair, I have horrible fashion sense. I download all the knowledge that a supermodel would have, and suddenly I can make myself look good now!

For that manner, why not download brain implants that would give you feminine mannerisms? female vocals? Granted it can't modify your vocal chords, but speaking female is 75% inflection.

Now this would NOT allow you to body swap (move memories from one body to another), we are talking about memories not conscienceness. However, that's not to say you couldn't have fun with it. I mean best case scenario, you could take the memories of a woman, swap it with a guy, and each would remember being the other person, but look down and realize they were someone else. Again, this wouldn't be body transfer. It'd be like if I was a guy, and suddenly my memories got swapped with a woman, I'd have all her memories growing up, everything I experienced in her life, knowledge of what I look like, what my body feels like, and then suddenly looking down and realizing I'm not who I am. In other words, it'd be like a reverse sex change (thinking you used to be a woman, but are actually a man now, even though you always have been).

Monday, June 20, 2011

weird al - perform this way officially released

His video is officially released:

I'd sort of like to review it a bit. Obviously this video took a LOT of work. Lots of costume changes, lots of makeup. Even though he's being silly, some of the outfits look really good (and great makeup). Here are some snapshots:

All pretty believable. Then there are parts where you go "Hmm.. he looks a little too good, I question if that's really his body"

Mayyybe that's him

Blurred out, but still looks too wide hips for a guy

Ok yea, I'm not so sure about now

Look at them hips, they'd make shakira jealous.

Even with your intestine hanging out your stomach, still looking like a hot body there Al. So then I managed to snatch this frame:

If you click and zoom on the photo, you can see a somewhat bad photoshop job. The hair is way too far down on his head.. IE they cropped his head on someone else's body for at least some of the shots (I believe some of them were of him in a dress). Does this take anything away from the video? I don't think so, it's still an amazingly well done video, and I applaud him for FINALLY doing drag after all these years.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

pregnancy simulator

So I've talked about gadgets that simulate menstrual cycle:

And I've seen fat suits and pregnancy vests that simulate weight, but never before have I seen something that simulates a fetus moving around and kicking, which also responds to rubbing of the belly.. and yes, it's meant to give men better understanding of what it's like to be pregnant.
I find this fascinating!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

one shot

I think it was adam carolla that said once on his podcast during one of his rants.. Everyone should get one bullet when they're born. They're allowed to shoot one asshole, and that's it. They get one chance to shoot someone. It would make people much more on edge and think twice before they do something stupid for fear of the consequences.

I thought today, what if you took that same concept, but it was everyone gets one chance to change the gender of another person. No explanation, no reason, every person born on this planet gets one chance to change another person's gender. Think about how much more open minded we would all be, and how sexism would be abolished?

Yea I used to be the CEO of this company.. Now I'm the secretary of the CEO ever since one of my co-workers couldn't take my attitude anymore and changed me into a chic. I refuse to give up my cigars though, even though they cost me like 1/2 my measly salary now.

Yea, your not so tough now are ya, ya bully! Or should I say sissy now, try to punch me now!

Give you all my money? How bout I give you all my gender-swap? There, how do you like wearing pink bank robber?

You know what officer James.. I don't think I really deserve this stupid 3mph above the limit speeding ticket.. In fact, I think I should call you officer Jamie

Hey, screw you judge! I'm innocent I tell you, his lawyer is lying. You know what, I'm using my get out of jail free card.. There, have fine living the rest of your life as a woman judge judy!

Why don't you blow me cocksucker! In fact, let's make that literally!

Monday, June 13, 2011

katy perry - last friday night

Love this video because it's so 80's! my favorite fashion period.

augmented reality shopping one step closer

I blogged about this a while back:

It's one step closer. Granted attaching 3d purses to yourself isn't exactly as complicated as mapping new clothing on your body, this is a step in the right direction!

KinectShop from Razorfish - Emerging Experiences on Vimeo.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Yeesh! I can't believe I have this many people following this blog. Some days (comparing to other blogs), I think I suck. I don't put in nearly the same effort, but maybe my ideas are good.. Or maybe I update JUST enough to not feel overwhelming? whatever I'm doing, I'm glad to have so many people interested in what I do

I'm a lumberjack and I'm ok

I cut down trees.. I wear high heels, suspendies and a bra..

IIII wish I'd been a girlie, just like my grannnnd.. papa!

quarter back to cheerleaders

"What the hell?!! You can't just turn the starting lineup for the high school football team into cheerleaders. That's.. that's cheating, that's unsportsmanlike... That's.. wrong on so many levels! I feel so naked in this.. PINK top?! OMG I feel so queer!"

drunk guy passes out

Oh man, I can't wait till fat tony wakes up and realizes we used a magic spell to turn him into a chick!

trading places

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

transgenders taking a beating

First the incident at mcdonalds, then not longer after a simliar beating at a 7-11?

I for one, would not go out in public as a woman unless:
1. I had at least one other person with me, or
2. I had multiple weapons to defend myself. Seriously, I would not dare walk out in public without at least mace and perhaps a tazer. If someone is going to start some shit with me, I'm going to defend myself. I might also consider hiding a spycam somewhere on me (perhaps my purse) to record the incident.

Seriously though, you almost have to go out dressed as a superhero. Say hello to my 16 gauge thick bracelets, how's that feel in your forehead?