Tuesday, June 21, 2011

brain memory expansion - for reals! (warning - this is science)

I read this article, and dozens of scenarios flooded my head.

In a nutshell, with a rat, they were able to implant a memory via a digital version of their memory cell. They flipped the switch, rat remembers. Flip it off, rat forgets.

They plan to try monkeys next, which of course could very well reach (within ethical limits) human testing.

So if our memories are what makes us what we are, and those memories could be saved (and transferred), what's to say it's not like the matrix? Download a program, and "I know kung-fu!"

Now let's go beyond combat. Let's say useful everyday stuff. My car breaks, do I call the mechanic, or do I download the latest chilton manual that applies to my car and fix it myself?

Now let's talk serious usefulness. I'm a crossdresser that sucks at makeup, I have no idea how to style my hair, I have horrible fashion sense. I download all the knowledge that a supermodel would have, and suddenly I can make myself look good now!

For that manner, why not download brain implants that would give you feminine mannerisms? female vocals? Granted it can't modify your vocal chords, but speaking female is 75% inflection.

Now this would NOT allow you to body swap (move memories from one body to another), we are talking about memories not conscienceness. However, that's not to say you couldn't have fun with it. I mean best case scenario, you could take the memories of a woman, swap it with a guy, and each would remember being the other person, but look down and realize they were someone else. Again, this wouldn't be body transfer. It'd be like if I was a guy, and suddenly my memories got swapped with a woman, I'd have all her memories growing up, everything I experienced in her life, knowledge of what I look like, what my body feels like, and then suddenly looking down and realizing I'm not who I am. In other words, it'd be like a reverse sex change (thinking you used to be a woman, but are actually a man now, even though you always have been).

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