Monday, June 20, 2011

weird al - perform this way officially released

His video is officially released:

I'd sort of like to review it a bit. Obviously this video took a LOT of work. Lots of costume changes, lots of makeup. Even though he's being silly, some of the outfits look really good (and great makeup). Here are some snapshots:

All pretty believable. Then there are parts where you go "Hmm.. he looks a little too good, I question if that's really his body"

Mayyybe that's him

Blurred out, but still looks too wide hips for a guy

Ok yea, I'm not so sure about now

Look at them hips, they'd make shakira jealous.

Even with your intestine hanging out your stomach, still looking like a hot body there Al. So then I managed to snatch this frame:

If you click and zoom on the photo, you can see a somewhat bad photoshop job. The hair is way too far down on his head.. IE they cropped his head on someone else's body for at least some of the shots (I believe some of them were of him in a dress). Does this take anything away from the video? I don't think so, it's still an amazingly well done video, and I applaud him for FINALLY doing drag after all these years.

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