Friday, July 31, 2009


I'm not being endorsed by this at all, just figured I'd share.

Not to be judgemental, but like many I find the female mask thing a little weird. Perhaps if your REALLY manly, or have some horrible scar, then maybe it's not a bad option. However, the face is one of the most complicated things to replicate (ask any video game developer).

The body however is pretty forgiving. I've known about this for a while, it's interesting to see it progress over the years. I remember seeing skimpy rubber panties with a vagina molded to the front, then seeing one that allowed you to urinate like a female intrigued me. This femskin seems to get better and better (went from a giant zipper in back to something that can be carefully stretched over the entire body). It's far from flaws (even silicone still looks rubbery, the color never matches the rest of the skin, you can see where the silicone ends and the real skin starts). However, it all has to start somewhere. I mean if nobody tries, then nobody will ever create that perfect body suit, like this:

The price also seems to have come down ($1,200 compared to $3k just a couple years ago). Also they've done a split bodysuit (top half or bottom half) in case you just want the feeling of a vagina, or perhaps just some boobs.

Here's an instructional video of how the body suit skin goes on (in case you were curious)

Took me a while to find someone that archived it, apparently the main website took it down because there were getting link farmed by forums that were commenting how sick it was, which probably didn't rank very well with google.

horny friend

What the HELL did you just do to me? How did I become a girl? and who the hell is this guy smothering me?
I turned you into a girl because my friend is horny, and you need to get laid!

Yeah but not like this, I'm into girls.. not being a girl! Dude get away from me or I'll kick you in the nuts!
Dude just embrace it, how often do you get to see what it's like from the other side?

Jesus dude, your friend's cock is longer than my arm! What do you expect me to do with this horse?
Come on, don't act like you don't know what to do, you've been with plenty of girls, you know what they do. Stroke his cock with your hands, and then give him a blowjob.

Mmmph! Pull back! Pull back! I can't breathe! Your cock is choking me!
Yeah man, dominate her! Stick it in further!

At least my pussy is deep enough to accomodate this guy, this actually does feel sorta good.
Umm, you might want to use protection. If he gets you pregnant, I can't guarantee that I can change you back.
Huh? I didn't hear you
Nevermind, maybe it's not such a bad thing.

body swap - from both perspectives

This is a POV porno I grabbed these images from:

I always imagined one day when computers match the processing speed of the brain, and we are able to swap bodies digitally via trans humanism, that one day we'll be able to purchase temporary body swaps like we do hookers. The top will be the female dialogue, the bottom will be the male dialogue. Enjoy!

Hey there! So are you ready for the swap then?

You know it, let's do this, I'm so excited!

Whenever your ready, just say the magic words

I wish I were a woman

Woah.. this is amazing! I can't believe I'm staring down at my breasts

Believe it, it's very real. Now let's test this body out shall we?

OMG! I never realized how huge I was, I guess it's all relative now that I'm in this small petite body. I don't even know where to begin, I've had easier times eating a big mac.

Just start out small, start with the tip and go from there

Like this? I'm not sure I can go much further than this

It's ok baby, whatever you want to do, this is your fantasy.

I'm so turned on right now, I want you inside me. Give me my dick!

Sure thing baby, guide it right in, your doing great! (that reminds me, I need to get that bracelet checked out, I think one of the stones are loose)

Oh god this feels so good! This was so worth the price of admission!

Oh baby, your pumping me so good, don't stop! (I do still have a great ass, all those hours at the gym paid off)

Ooh, this way is even better, it slides in and out so much better!

Oh baby, your making me so hard, I'm about ready to explode! (do I see a chipped nail? I really need to make an appointment for a fill-in)

Let me just suck you some more and... OMG!

Ohhhh!!! too late baby, I'm going! uhhhhh!!!

Ok, like.. I totally didn't sign up for a bukake session. I so want a discount for this session, you got cum in my eye!

Sorry about that, sometimes I don't know what comes over me. Let me grab you a towel.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

1 + 1 = change

"Ahh ha! so that's how it works, I have to wear the necklace AND the bracelet in order to change into her body. I'm so gonna flirt with the guys at the bar and mess with them!"

bodyswap hackers

"I'm in dude!", he said in the female's body. Social networking to get access to corporate networks were a thing of the past. Now if a hacker really wanted to get internal access to a network, he would use a body swapping device to take over a worker's body and access it without anyone the wiser.

CEO 2 secretary

The receptionist was tired of not only getting paid very little for all her hard work, but was also tired of the sexist comments from the CEO. So she found a potion that would switch places, and when he asked for some coffee she poured it in. Minutes later, she found herself inside his body, and he found himself answering phones up front. He didn't look so happy doing work that was beneath him.

Monday, July 27, 2009

fly ball

He was enjoying a baseball game, typical hot day, going shirtless. Suddenly he was hit on the head with a flyball, and when he awoke he found his body to be... different. He got up and pulled his phone out of his pocket to call 911.

How strange, he seemed to have a tattoo on his right shoulder that wasn't there before as well. It seemed unfinished, saying "TBA" which stood for "to be announced". Wonder what that meant? Perhaps a boyfriend he didn't have yet.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Arm wrestlin

"If I win this arm wrestling match, I get whatever I want"
"Yea whatever man, I don't care.. it's not like I'm gonna lose anyway"
"What's over there?"
"What? Huh? Woah, I slipped. Hey, you tricked me!"
"That's right, I didn't say I'd play fair, and now for my prize"
"Hey, what's happening to my body? How's my hair growing so fast? I feel funny"

sign on the dotted line

"So where do I sign to keep this body and permanently become a woman?"
"Right there darling, on the bottom line there"

Monday, July 13, 2009

Cross... DressBarn

Mr Chen had no idea what he was in for. He thought he was going to Dress Barn to find something for his wife's birthday, he probably should have read the sign. The Saleswomen were very helpful in gathering him an entire female wardrobe, even gave him a makeover and a wig. What was he going to tell his wife when he got home?

Friday, July 10, 2009

french made?

"Nooo! I said I wanted the car to be french made!"
The genie thought he had changed his mind when he asked him what sort of car he wanted. He thought he wanted to be a french maid. Genies aren't the brightest things on the planet.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Mmm hmm, nice try!
John was a convicted felon.. He went to prison, and escaped.. He knew the only way he could elude the cops was to start taking hormones and living life as a woman. They found him anyway, and since he still had his junk, he'd be going back to the men's prison. His cellmate would be very happy to see him.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The fly.. I mean the DNA

"Nooo!!! How could I be so stupid? I'm going to be stuck as a girl for the rest of my life!" said the scientist.

He had invented a working teleportation machine, but unfortunately he wasn't thorough enough to make sure the pods were absolutely clean. You see, if even the smallest amount of female DNA is in the same pod, the computer isn't smart enough to seperate the two DNA strands, and by default it makes everything the same DNA. Since female is two X chromosomes and is thereby simpler in this complex decision, it opts for the that gender.

The worst part? Even if by some miraculous miracle his machine was capable of reversing the process, he couldn't get access to it anyway. To secure his work, he made the computer voice password protected, and since his voice was now that of a female, there was no way he was logging in anytime soon.