Friday, July 31, 2009


I'm not being endorsed by this at all, just figured I'd share.

Not to be judgemental, but like many I find the female mask thing a little weird. Perhaps if your REALLY manly, or have some horrible scar, then maybe it's not a bad option. However, the face is one of the most complicated things to replicate (ask any video game developer).

The body however is pretty forgiving. I've known about this for a while, it's interesting to see it progress over the years. I remember seeing skimpy rubber panties with a vagina molded to the front, then seeing one that allowed you to urinate like a female intrigued me. This femskin seems to get better and better (went from a giant zipper in back to something that can be carefully stretched over the entire body). It's far from flaws (even silicone still looks rubbery, the color never matches the rest of the skin, you can see where the silicone ends and the real skin starts). However, it all has to start somewhere. I mean if nobody tries, then nobody will ever create that perfect body suit, like this:

The price also seems to have come down ($1,200 compared to $3k just a couple years ago). Also they've done a split bodysuit (top half or bottom half) in case you just want the feeling of a vagina, or perhaps just some boobs.

Here's an instructional video of how the body suit skin goes on (in case you were curious)

Took me a while to find someone that archived it, apparently the main website took it down because there were getting link farmed by forums that were commenting how sick it was, which probably didn't rank very well with google.


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