Saturday, August 1, 2009

Xtreme fakeover

This was an odd reality show on a station called PAX (now ion TV as of 2007). Basically they took this hollywood makeup guy (and a ditsy blonde sidekick), and he would first take a snapshot and photoshop sketch what the makeover might look like, then go to work on prosthetics. As you can see by this video:

The dramatic change is astounding. Think miss doubtfire, but MTF and FTM, and different races. The point of the show was to alter someone's appearance so much, and see if their best friend or family member would recognize them.

This one was one of my favorite (wish I could find a copy), transforming a guy into an absolutely gorgeous woman. The pictures don't do justice, they dressed him as a really sexy female wrestler with long nails and lace gloves.

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