Saturday, August 1, 2009

prison or slave?

Thanks for changing my body, it totally fooled those cops! Now if you don't mind, could you change me back, I'm gonna book a flight out of the country before they come back.
Thanks? That's all I get? I did you a HUGE favor, I kept you out of prison.

Well what exactly do you want from me?
I'll show you what I want, come here!

Mmmph, what are you doing?
I'm just taking what's coming to me. Hasn't anyone told you nothing in life is free, you owe me big time.

Hey! why are you tying me up?!
Because I have a feeling you aren't going to go along with this very easily

Mmmph! oh my god, this is so degrading!
Just be quiet and suck my cock, your making me go limp

Gaaack! stop pushing my head down, I can't breathe!
If you would do it right I wouldn't have to hold your hair

Owww! I'm still technically a virgin, do you have any idea how much this hurts right now?
No, but I do know that you feel nice and tight to me

Seriously? Candle wax on my stomach? This does nothing for me
Yea but I like giving pain

Aaaack! What are you doing now, choking me?
You don't get around much do you?

Oh thank god, you finally came. Now I can finally change back
That's what you think. I might just keep you around, your a great lay. In fact, my house needs cleaning, why don't you put on that maid's outfit and get to work!

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  1. nice shame there wasnt the end photo of her in the maids uniform but still great