Tuesday, August 25, 2009

augmented reality in the future?

I dream of one day when computers are so fast and so tiny (think iphone, but smaller and faster) that they'll be embedded in all sorts of devices. So embedded and un-noticed that you could in effect put on an ordinary pair of glasses, which change your perception of reality, and you see yourself as a girl. You look in the mirror, supermodel. You stare down at your arms, no hair, very slim slender hands, thin fingers with long painted fingernails. You take them off, everthing is back to normal. In essence, An autogynephilia's wet dream. No longer are we wasting hours of time getting dressed just to be dissapointed at the image looking back, we can fool ourselves into thinking we are in fact real women, with the ability to instantly change back just by taking off our glasses.

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