Monday, April 26, 2010

reality check

I don't know if you'd call it soul searching, but perhaps taking a moment to really figure out who I am. For the longest time I thought I was an autogynephiliac, and perhaps on some level I still am (I like the fantasy of being a woman, and servicing a man). However, my fantasies are ALWAYS of that. When I think about the idea of being "trapped" in a female body and being forced to stay that way, it's not the scariest or most problematic scenario in the world. Yes there would be a lot to get used to (body itself, speech, tone, inflection, people viewing and judging me differently for my gender, possible pay cut, more vulnerable), but on a sexual level I see almost no difference. Obviously there are huge differences (submissive vs agressor, the physical act (being penetrated vs penetrating, different feelings inside, etc), but the actual act... I mean, it's not entirely foreign either. Then I got to thinking "what if I really was a woman. Like, seriously I woke up one morning and I was female, and there was no rhyme or reason to it, and no conceivable way of switching back, would it be the worst thing in the world. And I can honestly say, not really.

Yea that's right, if I was forced into womanhood (either by some technological miracle or by a waking conscience reincarnation), I don't think I'd be all that bothered. Does this mean I'd actually consider a sex change? Sadly, I still don't think so. There are so many reasons against the odds. Yes I know thousands of men go through with it with the same challenges, but I'm a very scientific/math kind of guy.
1. Learning curve - this has to be the most signifigant one. Even though there have been success stories where a guy decides to transition, and within one year he's practically an indistinguishable woman. You can pretty much say that about anything, there's bound to be some lucky ducks. There's also the saying "fake it until you make it". I think a lot of transexuals are more together in appearance than they actually are. The idea that you can pop a pill and magically learn a lifetime of how to act like a woman in a short time of span is a nice wish, but not likely.
2. $$$ - let's face it, money talks and bullshit walks. Most transexuals have a pay cut if they switch jobs (I think it'd be illegal for your current employer to fire you in most states). But if you go to a job interview at a new company, often to escape embarrasement (or reduce your odds of getting hired), many transexuals are forced to make a clean slate, which also means the same with your experience. Oh sure you changed your name, you updated your degree, but what about references? When they call your former employer and ask if this woman ever worked for you, they'll scratch their head "No?" And yet, we still haven't factored in the sex change itself ($20-$30k in a 3rd world nation), the hormones you'll have to take for the rest of your life, possibly having to have clothing custom made (depending on your body type, of which mine is a basketball player).
3. Sex - From what I read (and I could be wrong), but even though your only flipping flesh, I hear often times the nerve endings get partially destroyed during SRS. Of course your reasoning for sex change can often run deeper than sex (the feeling of a penis between your legs can feel so foreign that merely getting rid of it is more important than getting off). Of course the mere feeling of taking a penis into the body could be enough for some.

What is my point of all this? Well I'm convinced that unless science invents a way to tap into my brain so that I can virtually feel what it's like to be a woman, or they can transplant my brain into a female body, I don't think I will ever know (in this lifetime) what it really feels like for a girl. That's not to say I've given up hope on science, nor the idea of reincarnation, but I know I do not want a sex change.

However, that does not rule out that I'm not a heterosexual, or possibly a bi-female trapped in a man's body. What I'm getting at is the idea of being a woman full time doesn't completely turn me off anymore. I used to have the guilt that most crossdressers have the microsecond after you cum, and feel disgusted by the way your dressed. However, I could totally see living female all the time (not that I am or desire to), but I'm not against the idea of doing as such.

So what might a scenario be if I was suddenly in the body of a woman?

"Hmm.. not a bad body. Not as skinny as I would have liked, but beggars can't be choosers. I'm still pretty cute"

"Wow, just looking at my body turns you on that much? I kind of like this power I have over you. You like it when I bend over a little bit and my breasts hang like this?"

"Oh my, your cock is so hard! Looks a lot like mine used to, before the body swap. Why don't I come over there and help you out with that?"

"Errr.. looks like my boobs make a pretty nice fake pussy. I like how I can rock back and forth and stroke your cock with them".

"I spose I've teased you enough. What say we take you for a little test spin, what do you say cock?"

"Mmm.. this almost makes me miss my penis... ALMOST. Oddly, I sort of like it in my mouth, like it belongs there now"

"Oh my gawd, your cock feels so good in my new pussy. Don't cum yet, I want to really savor this!"

Sunday, April 25, 2010

full face transplant

Watch it here:

How soon before this is a regular operation?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

what did you do??!!

"WTF? what did you just do? One minute I'm laying on the floor watching tv in my tshirt and shorts, the next thing I know I'm a woman in lingerie. Did you take my spellbook again, give it back!! hey, come back here, don't leave me like this!! I' m que es serio, don' t me hace la persecuciĆ³n despuĆ©s de usted! oly chit, I'm even beeginning to espeak span-eesh!"

hey guys!

"Hey guys! what's up? What, this body? Oh yeah, I bought one of those body swap thingies, and then my girlfriend came over and she was curious, so the next thing you know we're in each other's bodies and... well, she doesn't want to change back, so I guess I'm her for the time being".

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

car babe

What are you lookin at... dickhead?! Shit, 4 more hours of this shit in these uncomfortable heels!

God, this is such bullshit. I used to be the mechanic that worked on these things, now I'm a woman, nothing but a piece of meat to look at. If I ever catch that genie.. I should have known better than to make wishes. I wished for lots of nice cars, then I wished for a healthy long life, then I wished to be good looking, and I ended up in this body. There's no doubt I'm good looking, beautiful you might even say. I've certainly got a healthy long life, my lost at least 25 years in age. But lots of nice cars? None of these are mine, I'm just here as eye candy to get lots of attention to some other dude's ride.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

another body swap

"Dude, what are you so afraid of? Everybody is doing it these days!"
"No way, I'm not doing a body swap, hit the road!"

"Dude, why won't you do it? Especially with such a beautiful girl like this?"
"You'll swap with me?"

"Thanks for swapping.. By the way, I have to warn you, my boyfriend is a real hornball!"
"Oh shit, are you serious?"

"Holy crap, you weren't kidding. He's stripping my clothes off already!"
"Dam, my ass is getting big, I gotta get back to the gym"

"OMG, I can't believe I'm going through with this, he's totally checking out my rack too!"
"Wha? Who could be texting me at a time like this?!"

"Easy now, take it slow, I'm a lady, not some slut!"
"Tell your boy, I'm just going along for the ride"
"You be careful now, you better make him pull out before he cums. If you get pregnant, you'll be stuck in my body for the next 9 months!"
"I'll be careful! Do you think I really want to be stuck in this body for 9 months?"
"Dam, this guy is a natural, he's taking it just like a real girl"
"This is so awesome, totally worth the price of admission!"

tim and eric great sex change!

So what, I just point this thing at my head, and it turns me into a girl?


"Boy, this thing acts fast. Look, just a few seconds later, and already I'm having my period!

"Woah, that didn't take long at all, I'm already fully female, it even feminized my face!"

"Holy crap, now my clothes changed. I was wearing a mens shirts just a second ago, and now I'm wearing a blouse and a teal blazer. Ok, I'm done being a woman. Which one of the producers has the sex reversal gun? Anyone?"

"Seriously, how do I change back guys? guys? Why are you all walking away?! Don't just leave me like this!"

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I didn't mean it!!!

"Son of a bitch! why did I have to make that wish last night?"

Had a weird night last night. Haven't crossdressed in weeks, feeling that urge. As many of us do, I wished I would wake up a girl. I actually prayed (even though I know there's never been history of anyone's wish coming true, there are far more important miracles than that). Call it wishful thinking, call it a fantasy, but I started to think what it would REALLY be like if my wish came true.

* What would my first reaction be? "Holy shit! It really happened.. OMG, it really happened! What do I experience first?"
* How would I explain it to my wife "Who the hell are you? Where's my husband? Get out of my house you whore!"
* How would I explain this to my job "Umm, miss, I don't know who you are, but what has this got to do with him?"
* What would I really do? Obviously the first thing I do is email my boss and tell him I'm not coming in to work. Then does my wife call sick after I finally proove I'm me? Does she have fun with it, or does she spend the entire day figuring out how we're going to deal with it? My only thought is how quickly can I have my first orgasm, and how soon can I go out in public and shop for new clothes?

It had been raining pretty hard last night.. hard rain, a little hail.. I head to bed, and at 1am I'm awoken by my wife freaking out. This gigantic burst of wind starts hitting the house, my first thoughts are "OMG, a hurricane finally hit the midwest! Is our house going to rip off the foundation?" I swear it must have been 60mph winds for a good 10 seconds long, the power even went off for about 3 seconds. Then it calmed down as the front moved on. The next morning, as I let out the dogs, I realized not only were all the metal chairs sprawled in the yard, but the heavy tempered glass top patio table was thrown a good 30 feet into the neighbor's fence (without breaking), indeed it was a bad as I imagined. I thanked god nothing came off the house (like siding, which it has in the past). I also began to fantasize what if I had experienced a real life wizard of oz, complete with red ruby shiny heels and a cute farm dress?

Monday, April 5, 2010

curvy whore

No no.. I said I wanted to watch the jersey shore, not be a curvy whore! In fact! you's still got it wrong, I look like one of da girls from jersey shore, oh my gawd.. I'm even tawkin like one of dose italian jewsey goils!

no way that just happened

John woke up in someone else's body. Not just the wrong body, but the wrong gender. He could feel his long hair brush his face, he could feel the weight of earrings in his pierced ears, he could feel his long polished fingernails, the makeup on his face. Perhaps someone had pulled a prank on him and he was just crossdressed or something. No, definitely not a male body, his nipples seemed more sensitive than usual. He slowly pulled his blouse down, and peeked towards his chest as it was revealed he had.... BOOBS!!