Wednesday, April 14, 2010

another body swap

"Dude, what are you so afraid of? Everybody is doing it these days!"
"No way, I'm not doing a body swap, hit the road!"

"Dude, why won't you do it? Especially with such a beautiful girl like this?"
"You'll swap with me?"

"Thanks for swapping.. By the way, I have to warn you, my boyfriend is a real hornball!"
"Oh shit, are you serious?"

"Holy crap, you weren't kidding. He's stripping my clothes off already!"
"Dam, my ass is getting big, I gotta get back to the gym"

"OMG, I can't believe I'm going through with this, he's totally checking out my rack too!"
"Wha? Who could be texting me at a time like this?!"

"Easy now, take it slow, I'm a lady, not some slut!"
"Tell your boy, I'm just going along for the ride"
"You be careful now, you better make him pull out before he cums. If you get pregnant, you'll be stuck in my body for the next 9 months!"
"I'll be careful! Do you think I really want to be stuck in this body for 9 months?"
"Dam, this guy is a natural, he's taking it just like a real girl"
"This is so awesome, totally worth the price of admission!"

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