Tuesday, April 20, 2010

car babe

What are you lookin at... dickhead?! Shit, 4 more hours of this shit in these uncomfortable heels!

God, this is such bullshit. I used to be the mechanic that worked on these things, now I'm a woman, nothing but a piece of meat to look at. If I ever catch that genie.. I should have known better than to make wishes. I wished for lots of nice cars, then I wished for a healthy long life, then I wished to be good looking, and I ended up in this body. There's no doubt I'm good looking, beautiful you might even say. I've certainly got a healthy long life, my lost at least 25 years in age. But lots of nice cars? None of these are mine, I'm just here as eye candy to get lots of attention to some other dude's ride.

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