Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I didn't mean it!!!

"Son of a bitch! why did I have to make that wish last night?"

Had a weird night last night. Haven't crossdressed in weeks, feeling that urge. As many of us do, I wished I would wake up a girl. I actually prayed (even though I know there's never been history of anyone's wish coming true, there are far more important miracles than that). Call it wishful thinking, call it a fantasy, but I started to think what it would REALLY be like if my wish came true.

* What would my first reaction be? "Holy shit! It really happened.. OMG, it really happened! What do I experience first?"
* How would I explain it to my wife "Who the hell are you? Where's my husband? Get out of my house you whore!"
* How would I explain this to my job "Umm, miss, I don't know who you are, but what has this got to do with him?"
* What would I really do? Obviously the first thing I do is email my boss and tell him I'm not coming in to work. Then does my wife call sick after I finally proove I'm me? Does she have fun with it, or does she spend the entire day figuring out how we're going to deal with it? My only thought is how quickly can I have my first orgasm, and how soon can I go out in public and shop for new clothes?

It had been raining pretty hard last night.. hard rain, a little hail.. I head to bed, and at 1am I'm awoken by my wife freaking out. This gigantic burst of wind starts hitting the house, my first thoughts are "OMG, a hurricane finally hit the midwest! Is our house going to rip off the foundation?" I swear it must have been 60mph winds for a good 10 seconds long, the power even went off for about 3 seconds. Then it calmed down as the front moved on. The next morning, as I let out the dogs, I realized not only were all the metal chairs sprawled in the yard, but the heavy tempered glass top patio table was thrown a good 30 feet into the neighbor's fence (without breaking), indeed it was a bad as I imagined. I thanked god nothing came off the house (like siding, which it has in the past). I also began to fantasize what if I had experienced a real life wizard of oz, complete with red ruby shiny heels and a cute farm dress?

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