Friday, July 31, 2009

horny friend

What the HELL did you just do to me? How did I become a girl? and who the hell is this guy smothering me?
I turned you into a girl because my friend is horny, and you need to get laid!

Yeah but not like this, I'm into girls.. not being a girl! Dude get away from me or I'll kick you in the nuts!
Dude just embrace it, how often do you get to see what it's like from the other side?

Jesus dude, your friend's cock is longer than my arm! What do you expect me to do with this horse?
Come on, don't act like you don't know what to do, you've been with plenty of girls, you know what they do. Stroke his cock with your hands, and then give him a blowjob.

Mmmph! Pull back! Pull back! I can't breathe! Your cock is choking me!
Yeah man, dominate her! Stick it in further!

At least my pussy is deep enough to accomodate this guy, this actually does feel sorta good.
Umm, you might want to use protection. If he gets you pregnant, I can't guarantee that I can change you back.
Huh? I didn't hear you
Nevermind, maybe it's not such a bad thing.

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