Monday, May 17, 2010

miss america

Something I hadn't realiized.. The reaction from beauty pageants makes for pretty good captioning.. Yea, let's see what we can do with some photos

NOOOOooooo!!! I don't want to be a girl! Hee hee, get used to it, because I'm not changing you back!
Wahhh?!! What the hell? How did I become a chinese woman?
(Hmmphhh, he doesn't even appreciate womanhood, what a waste)
"What the hell just happened? One second I'm in the office, next thing I know I'm in the body of miss america just as she's getting crowned" (little did he know, the great shift just occurred)

Umm.. this is a nice gesture and all, but I'm not really miss Alabama. I'm just a stage hand, at least that's who I was before someone knocked me out

Are you freakin kidding me?!! How could my wife change me into a contestant!

Oh come on brad, it isn't that bad? Look at how pretty you get to be, we've all adjusted to being women
Here, you deserve this crown more than anyone. Your such a pussy, you think your the only one who changed into a girl? Think about all the other guys that became girls during the great shift you inconsiderate bastard!

Nooo!! I said I wanted to be president of america, NOT miss america! stupid genies!

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