Sunday, May 23, 2010

more virtual technology

I was pretty blown away when I saw this today. I've seen tracking of the body (see earlier posts), I've seen augmented reality (using a patterned card to track a piece of paper and make a 3d object pop out), but I've yet to see anything track the complexity of the hands and fingers... Until now:

The very idea that someone has taken a multi-colored glove to track position and rotation of the hand and fingers, thereby completely eliminating the need for expensive hardware (a cheap webcam, $1 multicolored lycra gloves, and the computer your already on).

So now imagine, your whole body is tracked, right down to individual fingers.. You step in front of your TV, and you see a completely 3d rendered female, moving just as you move. You look down, and you see that you now have long fingernails matching your every move

You hold your virtual hands up to your beautiful face because you can't believe technology has come so far

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