Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I fucked my best friend

Hello miss, what's your name?
Dude, it's me.. Steve. I know I don't look like myself. Turns out my girlfriend is a witch, and she decided I needed to get in touch with my feminine side because I don't understand women.

Dude, NO WAY! Are you serious? Can I touch them?
Uhhh, gee I guess seeing how your already touching them. Ok ok, that's enough, it's bad enough I have to live in this body for the weekend, I don't need to get in touch with my female hormones.

Mmmph... I can't help myself, your just so hot. I just want to suck on those nipples of yours!
Dude, seriously, you have to stop. Your doing things to my body that I don't want to experience.

Let me at those nipples, your breasts are so gorgeous!
OMG, it's starting.. I'm hitting the point of no return. I can feel my first female orgasm building up inside of me.. I really wish he'd stop, or do I?

Mmm, your whole body is so smooth, I wonder what your pussy feels like
Oh god, is this seriously what the female orgasm feels like? I don't know if I could stop if I wanted to at this point, my curiousity is getting the better of me.
Let me help you out of that top of yours!
Uhh, yea sure, do whatever you want with me, I'm yours

Mmmm... laaahhhh.. that's more like it, let me squeeze your breasts and lick your nipples, your so hot!
Uhhhh... this orgasm is putting me in a trance, I feel like I'm hypnotized. I want to stop, but I don't think I could even resist at this point. Oh god, I can't take it any longer! Take off your clothes, I want your cock in me!

MMmpph.. just as soon as I get this cock nice and hard, I'm gonna ride it like a cowgirl!

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