Friday, September 2, 2011

model / comedian

I was listening to the harland highway (harland williams podcast), and he had a friend / guest on his show named amber rachelle coyle. I was really digging her comedy on the show because she really seemed like a tomboy that could hang with the guys. I'm thinking "well, she sounds sorta sexy and fun, but I bet she doesn't look all that great. Typical "I was born with comedy, not looks department", but then I looked her up.. Holy shit she's gorgeous!

Started browsing through her site:

Looks like she's a model first, and now wants to get into comedy. Probably not a bad idea for something to fall back on. Lord knows models have a short life-span. I say good for her, do what you love. There's obvious reasons why tomboys (who are also pretty) are such a turn-on.. I can imagine a transgender woman having some of the same traits. Desire to be beautiful, but still have that masculine personality.

You can hear more of her farting and burping on the podcast:

Also check out this stand-up clip (where she starts out wearing a tie t-shirt and bending over showing her butt-crack like a plumber

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  1. Ayisha Tyler is gorgeous, but on the Stephanie Miller Show she is the funniest thing you have ever heard. Thanks for sharing, I will check her out.