Friday, January 24, 2014

great idea - poorly executed (3d printed nails)

I love this idea.  Fake nails really aren't that complicated, hell I created my own out of 1/16th" aluminum when I was 17 (hey I was bored and always had a knack for making my own crap).  A nail is simply a curved surface with a shape.  Seriously, wait for a followup to this posting, I'm gonna model one in 3d.

Anyway, looking through the site, I don't like any of the designs they made.  Seriously what is this creepy stuff?  Don't you think the first thing you'd do if you could print any shape onto a nail be something like, I don't know, some flowers built into the nail?  Maybe some lips?

Anyway, check them out.  Great concept, bad designs:

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