Tuesday, February 19, 2013

10 years till we map the brain

There's been plenty of research, techniques talked about.  Everything from building a computer to track the position/trajectory/velocity of each individual molecole in a brain in one single snapshot, to cryogenically freezing a brain and slicing one layer off at a time and scanning it.  If you follow Ray Kurzweil at all, he has the aspirations to live long enough to live forever (singularity).  In essence, he wants to live long enough for someone to invent life extension, and then eventually immortality (as technology progresses).

It's one thing to have aspirations to want to map the brain, it's something totally different for the government to step in and say "WE WILL MAP THE BRAIN IN 10 YEARS".  I haven't heard a statement like this since the kennedy years.  He knew we needed to beat the russians in the space race, and he made it a goal to beat them.. He threw his hat into the ring as it were

Of course, there's money in it (just like the space program gave us).  Mapping the brain leads to solving the mysteries diseases we cannot solve involving the brain.  Of course there's potentially other things it could lead to, like mapping any brain.. and then copying it, and making a backup.. and possibly, moving that data into a new brain, inside a new body.. I.E. body transfer at last!


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