Friday, January 6, 2012

future of sex change

I don't know how many of you watched adam savage's special (curiosity - can you live forever?):

It talks about many of the current medical technlogies (nanotech, 3d printing cells, stem cell research), and many potential future medical technologies being worked on today.

Then I came across this article (just a year old) that says with current technology of 3d printing, and stem cell research, we will likely either print the body parts we need, or inject instructed stem cells to be injected in key places of the body, and be re-wired from the inside.

2025: Frank had finally saved up enough money. Him and his doctor scanned his body, made all the changes in the simulation, and he stepped into the machine that looks like a tanning bed. 8 hours later, he awoke and realized his body was completely different.

He was happy to finally be in the body he was always meant to be.

"Thank god for medical science!"

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